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Aug 19,2016

BBC News with x.

Russian bomber planes have begun using an airbase in Iran to launch strikes against rebel groups in Syria.

It's the first time Russian forces have been deployed in Iran since they occupied it during the Second World War. Until now, Moscow has launched attackes from inside Syria or from Russia itself.

Russia says it discussed with the United States whether to implement a deal that would lead to coordinated military action in Syria. There's been no comment from Washington.




        vt. 实施,执行;实现,使生效

        n. 工具,器具;手段

One of Britain's most infamous radical preachers, x, has been found guilty of encouraging support for the Islamic State militant group.

Counter-terrorism chiefs have spent almost twenty years trying to bring x to trial, accusing him of radicalizing young people.

Nine African Union peacekeepers have been jailed for running a fuel racket(倒卖军用汽油) in Somalia. The African Union mission said the soldiers, all of them from Uganda, had been sentenced after trial by a military court.

Police in Zambia say they've arrested 150 opposition demonstrators following protests that broke out after President x was declared the winner in the closely-contested election. The protesters had blocked roads and burned tyres in parts of southern Zambia.




        vt. 装轮胎于

        n. [橡胶] 轮胎;轮箍

        n. (Tyre)人名;(英)泰尔

In a scathing report, a U.N.-appointed panel has accused the authorities in Bahrain of carrying out a systematic campaign of harassment against the country's Shiite Muslim population. It says groundless accusations have been used to target people on the basis of their religion.




        adj. 严厉的;损伤的

        v. 损伤;伤害(scatheing形式)

The former head of the world football's governing body, FIFA, x, has died at the age of 100. He was credited with transforming football into a multi-billion-dollar global enterprise, but he was also accused of corruption.

And at the Rio Olympics, the U.S. gymnast, Simone Biles, has claimed her fourth gold medal of the Games, winning the women's floor final. And in the 1-2, for the United States, the reigning champio, Aly Raisman, took the silver.

Russia won the women's synchronised swimming duet for the fifth successive games.




        vi. 同步;同时发生

        vt. 使同步;使同时发生(等于synchronize