BBC英语新闻:巴格达爆炸死伤惨重 伊拉克举国哀悼三天

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Hello, I'm x with the BBC News.

The Iraqi government has declared three days of national mourning, after bomb attacks killed at least 119 people in the capital, Baghdad. More than 150 others were injured, when a lorry packed with explosives was blown up overnight near a Shiite mosque in the city's x District. x has been to the site. It was an absolutely horrendous, enormous blast. And it happened just outside one of Baghdad's most popular cafes at a very busy time. It's really hot here during the day, and people are fasting. So a lot of people basically stay up all night. So when the bomb went off, the bombs, went off, there were at least two of them, when they went off at around one in the morning, the place would have been packed. And you can see that from the casualty figures. Now I've down there. And four-storeyed buildings are absolutely gutted by fire and destroyed. The Islamic State militant group said it carried out the bombings.

The authorities in Bangladesh say the militnants who carried out the country's worst-ever terror attack were well-educated and came from wealthy families. The Interior Minister, x, said the men were all Bangladeshi, and took their directions from local organisations rather the Islamic State group. IS has said it was behind the assault on the cafe in x on Friday.

A Turkish ship carrying humanitarian aid for Gaza has arrived in the Israeli port of x. It's the first aid shipment sent by Turkey since the two countries agreed last week to restore relations after a six-year rift. x reports. The Lady x cargo ship is carrying 11,000 tonnes of aid for Gaza. This includes food, clothing and toys, just time for the great celebration of Eid at the end of Ramadan. The aid will be transported through Israel to Gaza, a compromise agreed as part of the deal last week. That ended years of bitterness between Israel and Turkey. The breaking point for the x regional allies came in 2010, when an aid flotilla trying to break Israel's blockade of Gaza was raided by Israeli commandos, leaving ten Turkish activists dead.

Senior European politicians have called for improvements in the way the European Union operates in order to increase its appeal among citizens, following Britain's vote to leave the bloc. The German Finance Minister, x, told German television that politicians had to do more to explain what the E.U. was for. Make no mistake. What the referendum in Great Britain showed is a deep skepticism of many people. We know that the skeptical view toward Europe is growing in almost every European country. And that's why we now have to take it as a warning signal, a wake-up call. That's why I say we have to better explain to the people that, of course, we would adhere to national ties.

World news from the BBC.

A western-backed rebel group in Syria says the Al-Qaeda-linked x Front has abducted about 40 of its members, including its leader. The group, x, says the abductions took place in several locations in northern Syria. They say x Front fighters kidnapped the group's leader, x, at his father's house. x called on other Islamist groups to put pressure on the kidnappers to release their captives.

The Pakistani and Indian governments have called out their military personnel to assist with rescue operations, after flash floods triggered by monsoon rains left more than 50 people dead. The worst-hit area in Pakistan is the northern district of x.

The British Finance Minister, George Osborne, has outlined plans to reduce a key British tax on business profits, as part of a range of measures to encourage new investment, in the wake of last week's referendum decision to leave the European Union. Mr. Osborne told the Financial Times newspaper he wanted to cut corporation tax from 20% to under 15%. With more, here is our business correspondent, x. The proposed cut to corporation tax, which would give the U.K. one of the lowest rates of any major economy, is designed to help the country attract new investment and x businesses which might, otherwise, have been put off by the uncertainties surrounding the country's relationship with the E.U. However, it's not clear when such a cut would actually be implemented. Last week, the Chancellor abandoned plans to generate a budget surplus by the end of the decade. He said the economy was showing clear signs of shock in the wake of the referendum, and suggested that it was necessary to be realistic about meeting, what had been, one of the government's main targets.

Iceland, the smallest nation ever to compete in a major football tournament, are taking on this year's host, France, in the last quarter-final of the European Championships. At half-time, the score is France 4, Iceland 0.

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