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Aug 16,2016

BBC news.

The world anti-doping agency WADA says the electronic account of the Russian athlete Yuliya Stepanova has been hacked.

It said the password for Ms. Stepanovas account held on its own computers was illegally obtained which allowed someone to access it. Yuliya Stepanova is the whistle blower who helps reveal Russia's huge state sponsored doping program.




        n. 口哨;汽笛;呼啸声

        vt. 吹口哨;鸣汽笛

The governing body for world athletics the IWAF has banned the only Russian track and field athlete at the Rio Olympics the long jumper Darya Klishina.

The IWAF said it had received new information which prompted the move, but did not elaborate. Ms. Klishina has appealed the decision.




        adj. 精心制作的;详尽的;煞费苦心的

        vt. 精心制作;详细阐述;从简单成分合成(复杂有机物)

        vi. 详细描述;变复杂

Thousands of Venezuelans have begun crossing into Colombia buy much needed supplies after the border was reopened.

Venezuela is facing a severe economic crisis with shortages of many basic goods. It had closed the frontier a year ago for what it said were security reasons.

Police in Northeast Switzerland say a 27-year-old Swiss man has set a train carriage a light with a flammable liquid before knifing passengers, six people have been injured. The assailant was arrested, but theres no indication of motive for the attack.




        n. 攻击者

        adj. 袭击的;攻击的

Hundreds of residents in the northern Syrian town of Manbig who were used a shuman shields by Islamic State militants have been freed.

The US backed Syrian democratic forces captured Manbig on Friday. IS fighters fled.

The United States vice president Joe Biden is to visit Turkey later this month,the first visit by a senior western leader since the failed military coup in July.

Turkey is pressing Washington for the extradition the man it accuses of orchestrating the coup, a US based Turkish cleric Fetullah Gulen.




        vt. 把…编成管弦乐曲;(美)精心安排;把…协调地结合起来

        vi. 编管弦乐曲

And as fierce fighting continues near Lashkar Gah in Southern Afghanistan, the military says its reopened a crucial route used to bring in essential supplies.

BBC news.