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Aug 15,2016

BBC news with Marion Marshall.

The UN Security Council says it prepared to impose an arms embargo on SouthSudan if it attempts to obstruct the deployment of extra peace keepers to the country.

United Nations wants to send an extra 4,000 troops following the latest violence between supporters of the President Salva Kiir and his deputy Riek Machar, but Mr. Kirr said he wouldn't allow the UN to take over his country.

Police in Pakistan say they have arrested the father and first husband of Samia Shahid, a British woman of Pakistani origin, who died in Pakistan last month while visiting relatives.

The police say she was strangled and suspected her former husband Chaudhry Mahammad Shakil of murdering her.

The US government has declared a public health emergency in Puerto Rico because of the out break of Zika virus.

Medical authorities have warned that a quarter of the territory's population could be infected by the mosquito born virus by the end of the year.

Reports from Syria say about 2000 residents at the town of Manbig used as humanshields by fleeing Islamic State fighters have been set free.

A US backed mainly Kurdish alliance said on Friday it has seized full control of Manbig,but has been unable to target Jihadists leaving the city with hostages.

Earlier results in the Zambia presidential election show a narrow lead for the main opposition candidate Hakainde Hichilema, electoral commission data showed Mr. Hichilema ahead of the incumbent Edgar Lungu by justover 6,000 votes.



        adj. 现任的;依靠的;负有职责的

        n. 在职者;现任者;领圣俸者

The Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castrol is celebrating his 90 years birthday today. It's unclear whether Fidel who ruled the island for more than 50 years will make an appearance.

A royal funeral is taking place in Romania for Queen Ann who died two weeks ago aged 92. Her husband, the former king Michael was deposed and expelled from Romania by the Communists in 1947.

BBC news.