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Aug 14,2016

BBC news with Jerry Smit.

The first athletics world record has been broken at the Rio Olympics, a dramatic start to the opening day of track and field events.

Almaz Ayanaof Ethiopia took gold in the women's 10,000 meters smashing a 23-year-old world record by nearly 14 seconds.



        adj. 了不起的,极好的;粉碎性的,猛烈的

        v. 粉碎(smash的现在分词)

Police in the Pakistani city of Peshawar say they have arrested seven members of a gang which kidnapped babies from hospitals and sell them to mainly childless couples for up to 2500 dollars.

Officers said the gang swapped newborn babies with the frozen bodies of babies who had previously died.

The main opposition presidential candidate in Zambia Hakainde Hichilemahas accused the electoral commission of colluding with the governing party todelay announcing the election result a day after the Thursday's poll.



        vi. 勾结;串通;共谋

A spokesman for the United Party for National Development described the delay as suspicious.

The Democratic nominee for the US presidential election Hillary Clinton has disclosed her latest tax return showing she and her husband Bill earned 10.6billion dollars last year.

Her billionaire Republican rival Donald Trump has said he can't reveal his tax affairs until an official order is completed.

Conjoined twin baby boys in Syria have been evacuated from are bel strong hold to a Children's hospital in Damascus.

Syrian doctors abroad had warned the twins will die if they didn't receive life-saving surgery.

The United Nation's committee against torture has accused the authorities in Burundi of carrying out extrajudicial killings, torture and rape.

It said what it described as genocide rhetoric has been used. It's given the governmen ttwo months to respond.



        n. 修辞,修辞学;华丽的词藻

        adj. 花言巧语的

The billionaire owner of a chain of grocery shops in New York has put up a reward of 5000 dollars. John Catsimatidis hopes to catch thieves targeting ice-cream as the city copes with heatwave.



        n. 食品杂货店


BBC news.