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BBC News.


President Obama has said there are concerns about the long-term health of the global economy, following Britain's vote to leave the European Union. Mr. Obama said growth and investment opportunities in Britain and the rest of Europe could suffer when the U.K. exits the E.U. Speaking to journalists in Ottawa, Mr. Obama said the global economy was, at the moment, largely coping with the shock. So far, what you've seen is reaction in the market, stock prices, currencies. But I think the preparations that were done by central banks and finance ministers, our treasury secretary, indicate the grade to which the global economy, in the short run, will hold steady.

For a second consecutive day, share prices have rebounded in stock markets around the world, reversing the sell-off that followed Britain's vote to leave the E.U. The Dow Jones Industrial Average in the U.S. rose 1.6% on Wednesday. And London's 100 Share Index closed slightly higher than the level reached before last week's referendum. The British pound also strengthened against the dollar and the euro.

The BBC has been told that the British opposition Labour MP, x, is to challenge x for the party leadership. An announcement is expected on Thursday. Here is x. The battle Labour MPs and experts is expected to tear the party apart, and fear may lead to a destructive and even permanent split begins later today. x, who joined the mass resignation of shadow cabinet ministers that was intended to bring down x, will announce her run for the leadership. She's an experienced player in government and opposition since 1992. She'll offer herself as a candidate capable of reunifying her party. And she is respected and popular, though not with Team x this morning. Now begins an intense struggle in the media, in public arenas, and perhaps more intensively behind the scenes. Earlier, the Prime Minister, David Cameroon, said it would be in the national interest for Mr. x to resign. Speaking in Parliament, he said for heaven's sake man, go.

Investigators examining a damaged flight recorder from the Egypt airplane that crashed last month have confirmed the presence of smoke on board. The Airbus with 66 people on board crashed into the Mediterranean Sea during a flight from Paris to Cairo. x reports. The Egyptian experts say the data indicated that smoke alarms in the lavatory and other equipment had gone off during the flight. They said parts of the front of the x showed damage caused by high temperatures. But pilots of the Egypt Air made no distress call, and no militant group admitted bringing down the aircraft. The second black box, a cockpit recorder, was damaged in the crash, and is being repaired in Paris.

World news from the BBC.

The leaders of the United States, Canada and Mexico say they have achieved an historical agreement to get 50% of their energy supply from green sources by 2025. After a summit in Ottawa, they said they would increase investment in renewable sources, such as wind and solar power, and develop cross-border distribution lines.

The Director of the CIA, x, has said he believes the militant group, Islamic State, carried out Tuesday's attack in Turkey that killed more than 40 people. Mr. x also said he would surprised if IS was not plotting attacks in the United States, similiar to the one at Istanbul airport. Turkish officials also blamed IS militants for the violence. But so far, no group has claimed responsibility.

Two gay men in Ivory Coast say they were attacked, after the U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan published a photograph of them signing a book of condolences for the victims in the nightclub shooting in Florida earlier this month. The men say they were not aware that the picture had been published on the Embassy website and was circulated in social media.

The organiser of the Oscars say they have invited a record number of new members, in response to severe criticism of a lack of diversity at this year's Academy Awards. The Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences say it's invited nearly 700 people with a focus on women and members of ethnic minorities.

There was no fairy tale ending at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships for a British qualifier facing Roger Federer in Centre Court. x, who's ranked 772 in the world, lost in straight sets. He said he intended to stay motivated. I just need to keep going, keep my head down. I mean, I'm at the Tournament. Obviously, it sounds funny, but I x to lose. I went out there, trying to win. I did play as well as I could. I x high. I had fantastic, fantastic few weeks.