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Aug 13,2016

BBC News with x

Moscow has warned Ukraine that it's playing with fire in Crimea, after accusing Kiev of backing an attempted incursion into the disputed territory.



        n. 入侵;侵犯

The Russian Foreign Ministry urged other countries to exert pressure on Kiev to refrain from taking any dangerous steps. Ukraine has put its military on high alert along the de facto border with Crimea.

As fierce fighting continues in Aleppo, the U.N. says it's talking to Russia about what it calls a workable humanitarian pause to help up to two million civilians trapped in the divided Syrian city.

Russia announced a daily three-hour pause in its bombardment of rebels there. But the U.N. says it wants a forty-eight-hour weekly halt.

The lawyer for a Canadian terror suspect has told the BBC he's shocked that his client was shot dead during a police operation in the Ontario town of x.

x was a known Islamic sympathiser when he was arrested in February. The lawyer said restrictions were placed on him then to prevent him associating with Islamic extremists, and questions needed to be asked about whether he had breached them.

Scientists are claiming a significant breakthrough in restoring partial mobility to people paralysed by spinal cord injuries. Eight patinets spent a year training their brains to activate devices such as robotic limbs. Unexpectedly, the training appeared to help them regain some voluntary control or sensitivity in their bodies.



        vt. 使……无力;使……麻痹;使……瘫痪

The U.S. government has made available eighty-one million dollars to help fund research into a vaccine for the zika virus. The money is designed to keep research going despite a lack of funding from Congress.

A new research suggests that the mysterious predator, the greenland shark, lives longer than any other animal with a spine, up to four hundred years. x found that they easily outlive other vertebrae centenarians such as the x tortoise, some whales and humans.

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