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Aug 12,2016

BBC news with Jerry Smit.

President Putin has accused Ukraine of resulting to terror after the Russian security service said it has prevented a Ukrainian plot to sabotage essential infrastructure inside the disputed territory of Crimea.



        vt. 妨害;对…采取破坏行动

        vi. 从事破坏活动

        n. 破坏;破坏活动;怠工

Mr. Putin warned Ukraine it was playing a dangerous game. The Ukrainian foreign ministry accused him of seeking a justification to attack the country.

Russia says its forces in Syria will suspend their operations in Aleppo from tomorrow for three hours each day to allow humanitarian aid into the city.

The UN emergency relief coordinator said that wasn't enough and 48-hour-ceasefire was needed to bring in sufficient aid.

In a damning report, the US justice department has accused police in the city of Baltimore of routinely discriminating against black people and of using excessiveforce. It gave the example of one African American man who is stopped 30 times in four years without of being arrested or getting a caution.

The authorities in Congo have refused to renew the work permit of a prominent researcher from a human rights watch which regularly condemns abuses in thecountry.

No reason was given. The rights group described it as a brazen attempt to muzzle reporting on the governments crackdown on descents.



        adj. 厚颜无耻的;无所顾忌的;黄铜制的

        vt. 使变得无耻;厚脸皮地做


        n. 枪口,炮口;口套,口络;动物的鼻口

        vt. 使…缄默;给…戴口套;封锁…的言论

The authorities in the Colombian capital Bogota have begun demolishing a notorious district in the central of the city called the Bronx. It was a focus for drugaddicts, criminals and prostitution.



        adj. 声名狼藉的,臭名昭著的

At the Rio Olympics, the American Christin Armstrong has become the first cyclist win three gold medals in a row in the same discipline, her time trial victory follows golds in Beijing and London.

And a 90-year-old tortoise in Britain has been reunited with his owner after unwittingly hitching a ride on a refused lorry and ending up at a waste incinerator, there was a frantic search for the tortoise called Zumawho had caught into a bag of rubbish.


    tortoise:['tɔːtəs; -tɒɪz]

        n. 龟,[脊椎] 乌龟(等于testudo);迟缓的人


        n. [环境][炉窑] 焚化炉,焚尸炉;焚烧装置

BBC news.