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Following days of rumours, Uzbekistan has announced the death of its President, x, aged 78. He was previously said to be critically ill. The funeral will take place on Saturday in his home city of x.

A bomb explosion in the southern Philippines appears to have killed at least 12 people and injured many more. Then blast took place in a busy night market in x, the home town of President x.

Hungarian police are recruiting 3,000 officers they are describing as body hunters to be deployed along the southern frontier with Serbia. They'll help bolster the 10,000-strong force already guarding the x fence to keep out migrants.


frontier:['frʌntɪə; frʌn'tɪə]

n. 前沿;边界;国境

adj. 边界的;开拓的

n. (Frontier)人名;(法)弗龙捷

A delegation from the United Nations Security Council is in South Sudan to discuss a U.N. resolution to send 4,000 extra peacekeepers to the country. The South Sudanese government has described the decision as near-colonialist.

Opposition leaders in Gabon who've been trapped for three days in their party headquarters have been allowed to leave. Troops surrounded the building after opponents of President x set the National Assembly on fire.

An MP in Kenya has asked Parliament to pass a law, recognising a third gender. x said this would help end discrimination against intersex people, who are born with both male and female characteristics.



n. 雌雄间性;阴阳人

A serving British marine has been charged with terrorism offences, following a police investigation into dissident Irish Republican activity in northern Ireland. x has been remanded in custody until his next court appearance on Monday.



n. 持不同政见者,意见不同的人

adj. 持不同政见的,意见不同的

A Church of England bishop has become the first who publicly declared that he is gay and in a relationship, although x. The revelation by the Red Reverend, x, is likely to be embraced by campaigners for equality and alarm conservatives.



n. 启示;揭露;出乎意料的事;被揭露的真相

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