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Hundreds of thousands of people in Venezuela have marched through the streets of the capital, x, in rival demonstrations.

One group was calling for the removal of President Nicholas Maduro, blaming him for Venezuela's deep economic crisis. Mr. Maduro's supporters also rallied in huge numbers.

The Army in Pakistan has, for the first time, acknowledged the presence of Islamic State militants in the country. It says it's arrested more than 300 members of IS, including its mastermind and top commander.



vt. 策划

n. 优秀策划者;才子

The government in Gabon has detained more than a thousand people during a second of violent protests by the opposition, following disputed presidential elections. Reports say three people were killed in the capital, x. The opposition says the poll, won narrowly by President x, was rigged.


dispute:[dɪ'spjuːt; 'dɪspjuːt]

vt. 辩论;怀疑;阻止;抗拒

vi. 争论

n. 辩论;争吵

A powerful earthquake measuring 7.1 has shaken the North Island of New Zealand. The U.S. Geological Survey says the epicentre of the quake was about 170km northeast of the city of x.



n. 震中

The former Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, has filed an appeal at the Supreme Court against the Senate's decision to dismiss her. She was removed for illegally manipulating the budget two years ago.

A rocket overrated by the aerospace company, SpaceX, has exploded at a launch complex in x in Florida. No one was injured.



n. 航空宇宙;[航] 航空航天空间

Police in Zimbabwe have banned all public demonstrations in the central business district of x for the next two weeks. The capital has seen violent protests against President x.

In Uzbekistan, celebrities and state television presenters have posted messages of distress on social media, as speculation mounts that President x may have died. Public workers in x have been mobilised to clean the streets. One of the President's daughters said on Monday that her father has suffered a brain haemorrhage.



 vt. 动员;调动;使流通

 vi. 动员起来(等于mobilize


 n. 出血

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