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Aug 9,2016

BBC news with Charles Carol.

The international Paralympic committee has banned Russia from competing in next month's game in Rio because of what it called the country's state sponsore ddoping program. The Russian sports minister says the decision is beyond commonsense.

The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told a huge rally in Istanbul that he would approve the death penalty if it was backed by parliament and public.

He was speaking to hundreds of thousands of flag waving supporters who hadg athered in Istanbul following last month's failed coup.

Voters in Thailand have approved a new constitution that will give the military continuing influence over the country's political life. The military governmenthad banned any campaigning against the proposed changes and turn out was low.

Police in northeast Afghanistan have accused an 18-year-old man of killing his15-year-old sister because he was angry that she had attended a party. Reportssay the girl was filmed dancing at the single sex event in the company of other girls and women.

State owned television in Ethiopia says seven people have been killed during anti-government protest in the town of Baher Dar. A spokesman for the Amara regional state said the protestors in Baher Dar destroyed property and attempted to hoist an old Ethiopian flag on government offices.



        n. 起重机;升起,吊起

        vi. 升起;吊起

        vt. (用绳索,起重机等)使升起

The Israeli government says its setting up a committee that will work to keep what it regards as anti-Israel campaigners out of the country. Much of the focus is expected to be on members of a group which advocates a range of embargos on Israel.


    embargo:[em'bɑːgəʊ; ɪm-]

        vt. 禁止出入港口;禁止或限制贸易;征用或扣押

        n. 禁令;禁止;封港令

And finally wildlife officials in Bangladesh say that they will try to rescue a stranded elephant overnight because huge crowds of onlookers have made it impossible during the day.

The female elephant was swept more than 100kilometers into Bangladesh from India on a flooded river several weeks ago andis still in a 1.5 of water in a badly weaken state.

BBC news.