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Sep.3, 2016

The Brazilian Senators voted overwhelmingly to dismiss President Dilma Rousseff at the end of her impeachment trial. Senators found her guilty of illegally tempering the budget two years ago to hide a growing deficit. But they voted down a proposal to ban Mrs. Rousseff from public office for the next eight years.

Opponents of President x in Gabon have set the National Assembly on fire. They are angry at the announcement of his narrow victory over his rival, x, whose supporters believe the results have been falsified.


falsify:['fɔːlsɪfaɪ; 'fɒls-]

vt. 伪造;篡改;歪曲;证明...虚假

vi. 撒谎

A pan-African survey has found that the continent's elephant population has declined by a third in the last decade, with almost 150,000 killed. The researchers warned that half the elephants left in Africa could be gone in the next ten years.

British scientists say a new Alzheimer's treatment has shown promising results in trials, raising hopes that a drug to slow the progression of the devastating disease may finally be in sight. The potential drugs slow the decline in memory and thinking skills of those in the early stages of the condition.

The U.S. presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has arrived in Mexico, which he's criticised as the home of drug dealers and rapists. Mr. Trump will hold private talks with President x.

Israel has approved the construction of nearly 300 new homes for Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank. It's also retrospectively legalised almost 200 existing homes.



adv. 回顾地

x, the man considered to be the father of the Boeing 747 aircraft, has died at the age of 95. The plane's successful debut in 1969 ushered in the era of long-haul travel for the masses.

And there's been record spending by English Premier League football teams eager to snap up new players before the closure shortly of the summer transfer window. They've paid out about 1.3 billion dollars.


snap up



n. 关闭;终止,结束

vt. 使终止

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