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The United States has expressed its concerns about a judgement from theEuropean Commission ordering the technology giant Apple to pay up to 14.5billion dollars in back taxes. The White House says such a unilateral approach threaten to undermine progress on making the international tax system fair.

The Islamic State militant group says that one of its senior leaders its spokesman Abu Mohammad Al Adnani has been killed. Awebsite affiliated to IS Amaq says he was killed while serving operations to repelthe military campaigns against Aleppo in Syria.

The US military says Turkey and Kurdish forces have agreed to stop fighting each other in northern Syria. A spokesman says this was an elusive agreementand hope on that it would be solidified.

The US department of Agriculture has closed offices in five states after receiving anonymous threats. It said officials were working with the FBI and police todetermine whether the threats were credible.

The United Nations says steps have been taken to vet the health of peace keepers before theyre deployed on missions. Earlier this month, the UN finallyacknowledged it contributed to an outbreak of Cholera in Haiti thatskilled 10,000 people in six years.

An Italian bishop has condemned shoddy building practices during a funeral massfor victims of last week's earthquake. Bishop Domenico Pampily said earthquakes do not kill, he said it was work of man that kills.

The Nigerian football federation says that it doesn't have the money to pay the salary of Rios coach of the national football team. Samson Siasia took Nigerian to the browns medal in Rio, the country's only medal of the games,but he is owed five months' pay.

Crickets, England have scored the highest number of rounds ever in a one day international. They notched up 444:3 in 50 overs in an international against Pakistan at Trent Bridge in Nottingham. BBC news.