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Aug 8,2016

BBC news with Sue Montgomery.

The Russian Olympic Committee says that most of the team will be allowed to take part in the Rio Games. It confirmed that 271 have been cleared to compete with five more waiting for final decision. AlexCapstick reports from Rio. “The last minute vetting process of Russian athletesfollowed stunning revelations of the state operated doping program for manyyears across many sports. The country's track and field team was barred fromthe Olympics. But the IOC decided against a blanket ban saying it was unfair onthose who had never committed drug violations. Instead, individual federations were given the task of judging Russian competitors, only a few of thosegoverning bodies have followed the tougher approach adopted by the IWAF whichruns international athletics.” Earlier the head of the international Olympics committee Thomas Bach declared that drug cheats of the Rio Olympics would haveno place to hide.

The US secretary of state John Kerry has strongly denied thata 400 million dollars payment to Iran was a ransom for the release of American prisoners. He said it was paid to settle a decades old dispute over a failed military equipment deal. The cash transfer coincided with the signing of anuclear agreement with Iran and a prisoner swap in which four Americans werereleased. Republicans including the presidential candidate Donald Trumphave been attacking the administration over the timing of the transfer. President Obama has confirmed that both presidential candidates would be given security briefings to prepare them for office of they want, but warned that these were classified. Mr. Obama has previously described the Republican candidate DonaldTrump as unfit to be president. Mr. Obama also dismissed claims by Donald Trumpthat the US presidential election could be rigged. “The federal governmentdoesn't run the election process. If Mr. Trump is suggesting that there is aconspiracy theory that has been propagated across the country, that'sridiculous. That doesn't make any sense. I don't think anybody will take thatseriously.”

Military scientists in the United States say they've carried out tests showing that experimental vaccines can protect monkeys from the Zika virus. Moredetails from Jim Draper. “This research is based in Massachusetts and Maryland published results five weeks ago establishing that their potential vaccineswould ward off the virus in mice. Until now they have shown the same success in20 monkeys. They tested three types of vaccine, two used in genes from Zika andone which was an inactive replica of the virus. All three stimulated the immunesystem and gave full protection. The next step will be early trials possiblylater this year to establish that the vaccine is safe and effective in humans.”BBC News.

The Egyptian military says it has killed the leader of the Islamic Stategroup's affiliate in Sinai as well as many of its fighters in a series of airstrikes. The statement of the military's Facebook page says that Abu Dua AlanSary was killed in attacks on the strongholds of the group near Arish, thelargest town in the northern Sinai. It says 45 other militants were also killed while arms and ammunition stores were destroyed.

The New Zealand judge appointed to lead an independent investigation into historic child sexual abuse in England and Wales has resigned. Lowell Goddard was appointed early last year after her two predecessors quit amid controversy about their links to the British establishment. The inquiry was set up to examineclaims of child sex abuse at a range of institutions as well as allegations of cover-up.

An Argentine judge has ordered the arrest of Hebe de Bonafini, the headof the Human Rights Group the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. The group led thefight for justice for the victims of military rule in Argentina. Heres CandacePiette. “Hebe de Bonafini, who is 87, had refused to appear in court togive evidence twice. This time she managed to elude the police sent to arresther by boarding a van bound for the Plaza de Mayo square to address hersupporters. The judge is looking into the alleged embezzlement of millions ofdollars from a low income housing project in the name of the Mothers. Mrs.Bonafini is not personally accused in the case.”

A row has broken out in France over plans to hire a waterpark in the southern city of Marseille for a day to allow Muslim women andgirls to swim alone wearing the Islamic full-length swimming suit known as Burkini.Michel Amieltheleft-wing mayor of the suburb where the park is located, said he would seek toban the event. He described it as a provocation. BBC news.