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BBC news with Marion Marshall.The suspended Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff has urged senators to vote fordemocracy and against removing her from power at her impeachment trial in Brasilia.She told the senate that the country's future was at stake and the social gainsof the past decade were at risk. Ms. Rousseff is being tried for illegallymanipulating the budget.

The US deputy national security adviser says the White House opposes anyefforts by Turkey to extend its operations further south in Syria against what hedescribed as coalition forces. Ben Rhodes comments come amid US exasperation ata continued fighting in northern Syria between Turkish and Kurdish forces, two ofits key allies.

The Defense Minister of the Maldives says the country's security forcesare on high alert and are ready to foil any coup attempt. The statement cameafter the government told the BBC that plans were being made to try to topple PresidentAbudala Yemin.

EU observers monitoring the conduct of Saturday's presidential election inGabon say it lacked transparency. The incumbent Ali Bongo and his main rival JeanPing have both claimed victory.

Police in Tanzania arrested and questioned five leaders of the main oppositionparty before releasing them on bail. It wasn't immediately clear why they werearrested, but they had been meeting to discuss plans for national demonstrations.

A Brazilian judge has ordered the release of a senior member of theInternational Olympic Committee Patrick Hickey who is arrested as part of aninvestigation into the illegal sale of tickets for the Rio games. Mr. Hickeywon't be able to leave the country until the investigation is over.

New research suggests that Lucy, the fossil of an ancienthuman who lived more than three million years ago, probably died falling from amountain. BBC news.