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Aug 5,2016

This is the BBC news. Hello, I am Nick Kelly.

President Barack Obama has made a scathing attack on the Republican candidate Donald Trump saying he is unfit to serve as president. He also questions whythe Republican Party is continuing to support Mr. Trump's candidacy. AnthonyZarker reports from Washington. “The president took the opportunity tooffer this slashing criticism as Mr. Trump is embroiled in an ongoing feudwith the parents of a Muslim American soldier killed in the Iraq war. The realtarget of Mr. Obama's comments, however, maybe the leaders of the Republican Partywho condemn their nominees recent controversies in one breath, but stand by their endorsements of human the next. There has to come a point at which yousay enough, the president said. That hasn't happened yet, but with each newTrump related political fire storm, Mr. Obama is more than happy to make themfeel the heat.” Mr. Trump hit back accusing Mr. Obama a failed leadership. The head of the Democratic National Committee in the United Stateshas resigned. Amy Dessy's decision to step down comes in the wake of thousandsof leaked emails suggesting the Democratic Party's establishments deliberatelyundermine the campaign of Hillary Clinton's former rival Bernie Sanders for thepresidential nomination.

A car bomb in the Libyan city of Benghazi has killed at least 18 people andwounded many others. The bombing comes a day after the first US air strikes insupport of the Libyan governments offensive against Shura, a strong hold ofthe Islamic State group. Rana Jawad is in Tripoli. “The bombing targetedthe headquarters of the 146th brigade, a security force that has been engagedin fighting against Islamist Militias in the city. Dozens were killed andinjured. The blast was near a petro station and a residential district ofBenghazi. There was recently the scene of heavy fighting. The BenghaziRevolutionary Shura Council, also known as the BRSC, has reportedly claimedresponsibility for the deadly attack.”

The United Nations has warned of a looming humanitarian catastrophe in SouthSudan whereas tens of thousands of people flee renewed violence, armed groupshave stocked many from reaching neighboring Uganda. Imogen Fox has the details.“The UN described South Sudan as a massive humanitarian crisis with 1.6 millionpeople now displaced. For those fleeing and for those who stay, violence is notthe only risk. There is a cholera outbreak and severe food shortages. Childrenare especially vulnerable, thousands of refugees, many of them malnourishedchildren, have arrived South Sudan's border with Uganda. The UN is gearing upto support them, but warns the sheer number of people fleeing may outpace thecapacity of aid agencies to help them.” A peace deal between thegovernment and Reyek Machar broke down last month. World news from theBBC.

Intense fighting has been continuing around the Syrian city of Aleppo where a rebeloffensive is trying to break the government siege of opposition held areas. Thelatest assault began with the explode of huge tunnel bomb underneath Syrianarmy positions southwest Aleppo.

The security forces in Colombia say they have destroyed more than 100 Cocaine laboratoriesin a five-day campaign. Official said the operation was part of a new strategyto target producers and traffickers of Cocaine rather than the poor farmers whogrow the Coca plant.

After numerous technical problems and a huge cost overrun, the United Statesair force says the first scourge of its newest stealth flight, Fighter the F35is combat-ready. Almost 2500 planes plan to equip the air force, navy andmarines, Nearly 400 billion dollars, is the Pentagon's most costly project ever.

Irelands second most senior Roman Catholic leader, the archbishop of Dublin,says he would no longer send Trainee priests from his archdiocese to study atthe national seminary after a long mis-allegations of gay culture there.Our Ireland correspondent

Chris Pagereports. “Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said accusations were being made anonymously through letters and blogs. The President of Saint Patrick's collegeMonk senior Hill Cornally acknowledged that the anonymous corresponds wasdifficult, but he said the college had no concrete details of sexualmisconduct. All trainee priests at Maynooth are expected to live in celibacyand preparation for life in the priesthood. Mt. Senior Cornally said thatprinciple was nonnegotiable, but the college authorities could not actunless they had clarity.”

An Egyptian-born American Nobel winning scientist Ahmed Zewail has diedin the United States where he worked for the past 40 years, he was 70. AhmedZewail won the Nobel Chemistry prize in 1999. He was the first Arabscientist to win a Nobel Prize. BBC news.