BBC英语新闻:2016-05-25 共和党总统候选人特朗普将见朝鲜领导人金正恩

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Hello, I am Kathy Clugston with the BBC news.

The presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he would be prepared to meet the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Mr. Trump said that if he was elected in November, he would talk to Mr. Kim about his countrys nuclear program and also put pressure on China to deal with the issue. “I would speak to him, I would have no problem speaking to him, at the same time I will put a lot of pressure on China because economically we have tremendous power over China, people dont realize that, they are extracting vast billions of dollars out of our country, billions, and we have tremendous power over China. China can solve that problem with one meeting or one phone call.”
The US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has declared victory in the Democratic primary in the state of Kentucky. Her lead of her rival senator Bernie Sanders came down to a few thousand votes. In the other ballot held on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders won in Oregon. Overall, Mrs. Clinton maintains a significant overall lead to take to the delegatesconference in July.
The Japanese car maker Suzuki says it has found discrepancies in the way its been testing vehicles for fuel efficiency and emissions, but the company denied it had cheated to make its cars appear more efficient. Rumors of improper testing sent shares in the firm tumbling down nearly 10% in Tokyo when the market closed, Theo Leggett reports. “Suzuki admits that an internal investigation has found discrepancies between the way in which its cars should have been tested and how the tests were actually carried out. However, it insists there was no deliberate attempt to mislead its customers or flatter the performance of its cars. Although the admission is an embarrassing one for Suzuki, analysts say the apparent violation is less serious than those uncovered of its rival Mitsubishi which recently admitted falsifying fuel economy data on a number of Japanese models. Meanwhile Mitsubishi itself has announced that its president Techura Akawa is to step down in the wake of the scandal.”
The Red Cross in Sri Lanka says more than 200 families are missing feared buried under mud and sludge after torrential rain sent landslides cascading over three villages in the center of the island. The disaster management authority say they can't confirm the figure, but say at least 32 people have been killed. Here is our South Asia editor Charles Haviland. “Footage from the worst-hit area shows a massive gash along the side of a hill caused by a landslide. Villagers say more than 60 houses have been buried or damaged. Hundreds of army troops have been deployed and have managed to rescue scores of people. But its difficult to get heavy equipment to the worst-hit places. President Maithripala Sirisena is visiting the area to meet victims' families. Meanwhile the authorities in other badly hit parts of the island have appealed to the public to send water, dry food rations and sanitary items for those affected.” Charles Haviland reporting. World news from the BBC.
China says it will maintain tax incentives for steel exports despite the decision by the United States to impose duties of more than 500% on imports from China and Japan. The US says unfair subsidies are allowing the two countries to sell certain kinds of steel at the low cost, but Beijing says it will keep its tax rebate policy for exports of the metal to help tackle excess production.
One of China's most senior leaders Zhang Dejiang has addressed an economic forum on the second day of his visit to Hong Kong. In his speech, Mr. Zhang urged Hong Kong to take a more proactive role in China's One Belt 0ne Road initiative, which seeks to boost trade with neighboring countries and increase China's global influence. While he was speaking, pro-democracy protesters gathered outside the convention center chanting slogans and burning a sign demanding Mr. Zhang leave the city.
The New England football champions Leister City have arrived in Thailand for a celebratory tour. The team, which defied huge jobs to win the English Premier League, are owned by the Thai billionaire Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha. From Bangkok, Jonathon Head reports. “Leister's unexpected success has given the Thai company which bought the club six years ago a golden opportunity to promote itself and the team in football-mad Thailand. Members of the winning squad were greeted by jubilant fans when they arrived early this morning at Bangkok airport led by their manager Claudia Raneairi and captain Weeze Moregan. Later they will display the premier league trophy at the head quarters of King Power where the company has in recent weeks put up giant TV screens for fans to watch the teams final games.”







日本汽车制造商铃木表示已经发现了他们的汽车燃油效率和排放测试中存在的误差,但他们否认自己有夸大汽车性能的欺骗行为。受有关传言的影响,东京交易所的该公司股票价格下降了近10%。请看塞奥·里哥特发来的报道。“铃木公司承认,通过一个内部调查以后,他们发现的汽车测试方式并不是完全合理,但是,他们坚决否认自己有刻意夸大汽车性能或欺骗客户的行为。尽管承认这件事有些尴尬,但分析人士认为此事带来的震动并不算太大,更为严重的是铃木的竞争对手三菱之前爆出的伪造多款日式汽车燃油效率数据的丑闻。三菱公司已经宣布,由于丑闻影响,其主席Techura Akawa正准备辞职。”








新晋的英超冠军莱斯特城队已经抵达泰国,将开始他们的庆祝之旅。这只球队经过不懈努力终于赢得了英超冠军,而球队的老板正是泰国富豪Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha。请看乔纳森·赫德发来的报道。“六年前,一家泰国公司买下了莱斯特城队,而他们本赛季出人意料地赢得了英超冠军,给了该公司在泰国推广自己和球队的绝佳机会,泰国人对足球可谓十分痴迷。莱斯特城队球员今早抵达曼谷机场后,粉丝就报以了热烈的欢迎。率队前来的是他们的经理克劳迪奥·拉涅利和队长维兹·摩瑞根。之后他们还将在曼谷王权免税购物中心展示自己的冠军奖杯,过去几周里,球队老板已经在该中心安装了多面巨幅屏幕,好让粉丝们观看球队最近的比赛。”