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The Red Cross in Sri Lanka says more than 200 families are missing feared buried under mud and sludge after torrential rain sent landslides cascading over three villages in the center of the island. The disaster management authority say they can't confirm the figure, but say at least 32 people have been killed. Here is our South Asia editor Charles Haviland. “Footage from the worst-hit area shows a massive gash along the side of a hill caused by a landslide. Villagers say more than 60 houses have been buried or damaged. Hundreds of army troops have been deployed and have managed to rescue scores of people. But its difficult to get heavy equipment to the worst-hit places. President Maithripala Sirisena is visiting the area to meet victims' families. Meanwhile the authorities in other badly hit parts of the island have appealed to the public to send water, dry food rations and sanitary items for those affected.” Charles Haviland reporting. World news from the BBC.