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The Japanese car maker Suzuki says it has found discrepancies in the way its been testing vehicles for fuel efficiency and emissions, but the company denied it had cheated to make its cars appear more efficient. Rumors of improper testing sent shares in the firm tumbling down nearly 10% in Tokyo when the market closed, Theo Leggett reports. “Suzuki admits that an internal investigation has found discrepancies between the way in which its cars should have been tested and how the tests were actually carried out. However, it insists there was no deliberate attempt to mislead its customers or flatter the performance of its cars. Although the admission is an embarrassing one for Suzuki, analysts say the apparent violation is less serious than those uncovered of its rival Mitsubishi which recently admitted falsifying fuel economy data on a number of Japanese models. Meanwhile Mitsubishi itself has announced that its president Techura Akawa is to step down in the wake of the scandal.”

日本汽车制造商铃木表示已经发现了他们的汽车燃油效率和排放测试中存在的误差,但他们否认自己有夸大汽车性能的欺骗行为。受有关传言的影响,东京交易所的该公司股票价格下降了近10%。请看塞奥·里哥特发来的报道。“铃木公司承认,通过一个内部调查以后,他们发现的汽车测试方式并不是完全合理,但是,他们坚决否认自己有刻意夸大汽车性能或欺骗客户的行为。尽管承认这件事有些尴尬,但分析人士认为此事带来的震动并不算太大,更为严重的是铃木的竞争对手三菱之前爆出的伪造多款日式汽车燃油效率数据的丑闻。三菱公司已经宣布,由于丑闻影响,其主席Techura Akawa正准备辞职。”