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A vast wild fire in the Canadian province of Alberta is continuing to rage out of control. Three days on, the blaze has grown in size defying the efforts of firefighters with helicopters and air tankers to contain it. More than 80,000 people have already fled their homes in the Fort McMurry area and an emergency worker Chad Morrison says the flames are fueled by powerful winds. “Late yesterday, the wild fire grew rapidly due to the increased winds. We had winds recorded on side up to 70 kilometers an hour. And those winds came from the northwest. The fire blew out to the southeast corner late last night. And hours late as the premier said the fire is estimated to 85,000 hectors.” The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told parliament it was the largest evacuation in the province's history. He said the footage of cars racing down highways as far as spread around them was nothing short of terrifying.

Israeli war planes have launched attacks on four Hamas positions in Gaza during a continuing flare-up in violence between the two sides. The Israeli military said it was responding to mortar rounds fired at Israel. Several Palestinians were injured and a woman was later killed by Israeli tank shelling. News from the BBC.
Key Points

1.defy v.蔑视,公然反抗,不服从, 向…挑战

2.evacuation n.疏散,撤离,撤退,撤空

3.flare-up n.火焰、光等的骤发或骤燃,激怒,怒气(或疾病)的发作

4.mortar n.砂浆,迫击炮,房产