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More than 20 police officers have been injured in France in clashes with protestors opposed to planned labor reforms. Some of the worst violence was in Paris. Clashes also erupted in Nantes, Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse. France's powerful CGT union says the labor reform bill which should be debated in parliament next week will let employers bypass regulations on basic workers' rights.

The Appeals court in Burkina Faso has thrown out an international arrest warrant for the former president Blaise Compaore. A military tribunal had brought charges against him in connection with the assassination of President Thomas Sankara during the coup 30 years ago that brought Mr. Compaore to power. The court said the tribunal had committed procedural errors when issuing the warrants.
Key Points

1.bypass n/v.旁道,支路,疏通,忽视

2.warrant n/v.授权证,许可证,正当理由,保证

3.tribunal n.特别法庭,审理委员会,法官席,裁决

4.assassination n.暗杀