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PartCloze (15 minutes)
  Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked [A], [B], [C] and [D] on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.
  Over half the worlds people now live in cities. The latestGlobal Report on Human Settlementssays a significant change took place last year. The report 67 this week from U.N. Habitat, a United Nations agency.
  A century ago, 68 than five percent of all people lived in cities. 69 the middle of this century it could be seventy percent, or 70 six and a half billion people.
  Already three-fourths of people in 71 countries live in cities. Now most urban population 72 is in the developing world.
  Urbanization can 73 to social and economic progress, but also put 74 on cities to provide housing and 75 . The new report says almost two hundred thousand people move 76 cities and towns each day. It says worsening inequalities, 77 by social divisions and differences in 78 , could result in violence and crime 79 cities plan better.
  Another issue is urban sprawl (无序扩展的城区). This is where cities 80 quickly into rural areas, sometimes 81 a much faster rate than urban population growth.
  Sprawl is 82 in the United States. Americans move a lot. In a recent study, Art Hall at the University of Kansas found that people are moving away from the 83 cities to smaller ones. He sees a 84 towardde-urbanizationacross the nation.
  85 urban economies still provide many 86 that rural areas do not.
  67. [A] came on [C] came over
  [B] came off [D] came out
  68. [A] more [C] less
  [B] other [D] rather
  69. [A] By [C] Along
  [B] Through [D] To
  70. [A] really [C] ever
  [B] barely [D] almost
  71. [A] flourishing [C] thriving
  [B] developed [D] fertile
  72. [A] extension [C] raise
  [B] addition [D] growth
  73. [A] keep [C] lead
  [B] turn [D] refer
  74. [A] pressure [C] restraint
  [B] load [D] weight
  75. [A] surroundings [C] concerns
  [B] communities [D] services
  76. [A] onto [C] around
  [B] into [D] upon
  77. [A] pulled [C] drawn
  [B] driven [D] pressed
  78. [A] situation [C] treasure
  [B] wealth [D] category
  79. [A] when [C] unless
  [B] if [D] whereas
  80. [A] expand [C] invade
  [B] split [D] enlarge
  81. [A] in [C] with
  [B] beyond [D] at
  82. [A] common [C] ordinary
  [B] conventional [D] frequent
  83. [A] essential [C] primitive
  [B] prior [D] major
  84. [A] trend [C] direction
  [B] style [D] path
  85. [A] Then [C] For
  [B] But [D] While
  86. [A] abilities [C] possibilities
             [B] qualities [D] realities


  Part VI Translation (5 minutes)
  Directions: Complete the sentences by translating into English the Chinese given in brackets. Please write your translation on Answer Sheet 2.

       注意: 此部分试题请在答题卡2上作答,只需写出译文部分。

  87. ________________________________________________________(为了确保他参加会议), I called him up in advance.
  88. The magnificent museum ________________________________________(据说建成于) about a hundred years ago.
  89. There would be no life on earth ___________________________________________(没有地球独特的环境).
  90. ___________________________________(给游客印象最深的) was the friendliness and warmth of the local people.
       91. They requested that __________________________________________(我借的书还回图书馆) by next Friday.



  67. D came out
  68. C less
  69. D by
  70. A almost
  71. B developed
  72. C growth
  73. B lead
  74. A pressure
  75. B services
  76. B into
       77. C driven
  78. C wealth
  79. C unless
  80. D expand
  81. C at
  82. C common
  83. A major
  84. D trend
  85. C but
  86. B possibilities
  67. D came out 表示出版,公布,这里表示报告的公布。
  68. C less 根据上下文可知这里说的是都市人口的增长,强调之前的少和现在的多,所以用少于更合适。less than:少于,不到。
  69. D by 在这里表示截止到某时间为止。
  70. A almost 几乎,将近,对前面的解释,说明人口有多少。
  71. B developed 根据上下文意思,以及后文相对的developing world可知应该是发达国家,即:developed countries
  72. C growth 仔细阅读的话可以发现下文就有答案,这里讲的是都市人口的增长,所以用growth
  73. B lead lead to表示导致,通向,本段末也有出现过,在这里是说都市化有助于社会和经济的进步。
  74. A pressure 从下文的描述可以看出过快的都市化也给城市带来了巨大压力,所以选pressure
  75. B services 服务,城市为人们提供住房和服务。
  76. B into 介词选择,move into 移入,迁入;固定搭配。


  77. C driven 表示推动,驱动,driven by 由…驱动,由什么原因引起的。
  78. C wealth 财富;social division and differences in wealth 社会分化和财富上的差距。
  79. C unless 除非,这里说的是除非城市规划更好,否则各部分财富分配不均的局面将可能导致犯罪问题。
  80. D expand 指扩张, expand into rural areas 扩张到农村地区。
  81. C at at a much faster rate 以更快的速度,固定搭配
  82. C common 表示某事件很普遍,平常。从下文的across America可知这种情况很普遍很常见。
  83. A major major cities,大城市,与后文中的smaller cities形成对比
  84. D trend 趋势,这里是对前面情况的概括,a trend toward de-urbanization 表示一种逆城市化的发展趋势。
  85. C but 表示转折,说城市还是有自身优点的,与前面的“逆城市化”形成转折关系。
  86. B possibilities 可能性,这里表示城市依然能够提供农村所不能提供的机会和可能性。
  这篇完型填空取材自2009年10月9日的VOA Special English节目,谈论的是城市发展的问题。从抓主旨的角度来说,这样一篇小小200词的文章,纵览了世界城市发展史,又横览了城市化带来的种种问题,里面的核心论点之间逻辑关联紧密,考生如果没有任何背景知识和推理能力,解题会遇到一定的困难。比如说第二个空格,很多考生在moreless之中犹豫不决,在没有具体背景信息的情况之下,就需要依据上下文的文脉进行推理。既然强调的是城市化的迅速发展,从5%到几乎70%,这个5%前面究竟填入超过还是不到。从作者的叙述语气一致可以推知,他必定在感叹这个变化的巨大,因此前文应该是不到5%。对于into/at这样一些介词小词的考查历来都是完型填空的重点,move into cities/ at a faster rate,这都是比较容易选择的基础搭配。


  87.___________________(为了确保他参加会议),I called him up in advance.
  解析:In order to ensure him to attend the meeting
  To ensure his attendance at the meeting
  【结构分析】本题句子的主干 “I called him up in advance”已经给出,无需翻译,需要翻译部分为“为了确保他能参加会议”。该部分在句子中作目的状语
  【考点解释】本题考查是目的状语。①目的状语可以由to/in order to来引导。②确保 ensure sb to do 确保某人做某事,ensure sth 确保某事
  88.The significant museum________________(据说建成于)about a hundred years ago.
  解析:is said to have been built
  【结构分析】本题句子的主语为the significant museum,缺谓语,即(据说建成于)
  about a hundred years ago为时间状语。
  【考点解释】本题重点考查:①被动语态。主语museum与动词build之间为被动关系; 且bulid这一动作发生在过去。②据说 be said tobe said to+ 动词不定式的完成时,表示不定式表示的动作已经完成。
  89.There would be no life on earth ____________________ (没有地球独特的环境)。
  解析: without its unique environment
  but for its unique environment
  【结构分析】本题句子含有There be结构。主干完整,there主语,would be 谓语,no life 表语,on earth 地点状语
  【考点解释】本题重点考查:①without的用法 without 是介词,后接名词;同时,表示“没有”,除without外,还可用but for;②单词拼写 unique adj.独特;environment n.环境 ③当名词重复出现时,可适当使用代词,避免重复。
  90.______________________________(给游客印象最深的)was the friendliness and warmth of the local people.
  解析:What impressed the tourists most
  【结构分析】本题句子为主系表结构,主语即考查部分,was 系动词,剩余部分为表语。
  【考点解释】本题重点考查①what引导的主语从句;what可引导句子充当主语;②impress用法 给…留下印象 impress sb;③最高级的用法most;结合考点②③,可推出“给…印象最深”为impress sb most
  91.They requested that ___________________________ (我借的书还回图书馆) by next Friday.
  解析:books I borrowed (should) be returned to the library
  I (should) return the book I borrowed to the library
  【结构分析】本题句子的主干部分分别是they 主语,request 谓语,后接that引导的宾语从句。
  【考点解释】①request的用法。request v. 要求;当request表示“要求”时,引导的宾语从句要使用虚拟语气,即(should)+ 动词原形。②定语从句。“我借的书”, the book (that) I borrowed;③单词的拼写。归还 return,借 borrow,图书馆 library ④本题就此题提供了两个版本的答案,但在表示“规定,规则”时,被动语态更为常用。