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 Colombia has doubled to nearly one million dollars of reward for information leading to the capture of a criminal gang leader. President Juan Manuel Santos says security forces were hunting for Dario Antonio Usuga. He says the Usugaclan has ties with Mexico Sinaloa Cartel and it was responsible for smuggling hundreds of millions of dollars of cocaine to Colombia each year. Experts predict that gang crime is likely to become Colombia's biggest security challenge as the country's long-standing conflict with leftwing rebels winds down.

capture :抓捕

hunt for:搜捕

smuggle:走 私

 哥伦比亚将一个犯罪集团领导人的悬赏金额提高一倍,高达约100万美元。胡安·曼努埃尔·桑托斯总统称安全部队正在搜捕达里奥·安托尼奥·乌苏噶。乌苏噶与墨西哥锡那罗亚贩毒组织有联系,每年向哥伦比亚走 私价值亿万美元的可卡因。专家预测,政府军和左翼叛军的长期矛盾解决后,该犯罪团伙就会是哥伦比亚最严峻的安全问题。

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