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 Hello, I am Julie Candler with the BBC news.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced new measures to make it harder for people to hide the proceeds of corruption in offshore accounts. Most British overseas territories for the tax havens will now share information with the UK authorities. The prime minister has been under pressure since it emerged that he used to hold shares in an offshore trust. Rob Watson reports. “After days of damaging headlines and much insinuation and speculation on social media, David Cameron mounted a typically robust defense of his personal tax affairs and the record of his government. He had done nothing wrong, his government would be improving both the transparency and scrutiny of financial masses of the UK's overseas territories. Despite allegations of stirring class war, the leader of opposition Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn stuck to his line that the Panama papers were further evidence there was one rule for the rich and another for the rest.”
offshore trust:境外基金
insinuation 暗示;旁敲侧击的话;影射;含沙射影
speculation  猜测;推测;投机买卖;推断