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 Hello, I am Sue Montgomery with the BBC news.

Cyprus says it has agreed to an Egyptian request to extradite Safadi Mustafa, an Egyptian National, accused of high jacking an Egypt air flight to the island last week. Elaine Young reports. “The suspect identified as Seif al-Din Mustafa surrendered last week after high jacking a domestic flight with 72 people on board. He is accused of using a fake suicide belt to seize the Alexandria to Cairo flight and forcing it to land in Cyprus. All passengers and crew were eventually released unharmed and Mustafa was peacefully arrested. Cypriot officials have said he is psychologically unstable and had no political motive. The legal process has now begun to extradite him back to Egypt.”

 A law student to criticize religious extremism online has been murdered in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, The latest of number of secular activists to be killed there. Charroe Shaharni reports, “Police say Nazimuddin Samad was attacked at a traffic intersection in old Tarka on Wednesday evening, but they haven't said who is suspected of carrying out the attack. The 28-year-old was reported to be an organizer of Ganajagran Manch, a secular campaigning group, and he posted I have no religion on his Facebook profile. But he also wrote a post protesting against the recent murder of a 19-year-old woman in a high security military area and once criticizing the party he supported the Awami League for not adopting a secular constitution.”

 An analysis of millions of leaked documents from the secretive Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonsecca shows that China has been the company's biggest source of business. The research sheds new light on how China's wealthiest people rely on offshore banking to protect their wealth. Our East Asia correspondent Celia Hatton has the details. “China is a pivotal importance for Mossack Fonsecca, the company collects fees from more than 16000 companies created through its Chinese offices representing 29% of its business. The popularity of offshore banking in China reflects the growing problem of capital flight. An estimated one trillion dollars was taken out of mainland China last year, much out illegally through Hong Kong. This movement of money undermines the entire Chinese economy while also driving up global property prices.”

Angola is asking International Monetary Fund for financial assistance, the country has been hit hard by the decline in oil prices, heres our economics correspondent Andrew Walker. “Oil accounts for more than 95% of Angola's export and more than2/3 of government revenue. International oil prices are now well below half the level it reached in 2014, so Angola is seeking financial assistance and negotiations are due to begin later this month. The IMF said it was ready to help Angola address its economic challenges.” World news from the BBC.

Further pressures building for the impeachment of the Brazilian President Dilma Roussef who is accused of misrepresenting the extend of budget shortfalls during her reelection campaign in 2014. The representative for a special congressional impeachment commission Jovair Arantes has delivered a report saying he had concluded there was a legal basis in the case against the president. His view is nonbinding on the commission.

 Exit polls in a Dutch referendum on a European Union treaty with Ukraine indicate there has been an overwhelming rejection of the plan, 64 against 36%. Anna Holligan reports. “This was a nonbinding referendum and yet the Dutch government is already under pressure to consider the results. It's too soon to predict what impacts, if any, the result will help the Netherland ratification of a free trade deal which is already been signed and sealed by all 27 other EU member states. The fact, the 2/3 of the Dutch electorate didn't show up to cast their vote, is also significant reflecting either apathy or an effort to keep the turnout below the required threshold.”

The governor of Florida, southern United States, has revoked a ban on cohabitation that had been enforced for 148 years. The ban, rarely enforced in modern times, made it a crime for unmarried couples to live together punishable by fine of up to 500 dollars and as much as 60 days in jail.

One of America's most popular country music singers Merle Haggard has died. He was 79, passed away from pneumonia on his birthday. Haggard served a prison sentence before launching a career that last six decades. He is credited with helping create the twangy Bakersfield sound country sound which became soon influential. His hits included Mama tried. BBC news.
ban :禁令
cohabitation :同居
fine :罚款
pneumonia :肺炎

impeachment: 弹劾

budget :预算



rely on :依靠


 religious :宗教的

secular :世俗的;非宗教的;

domestic n. 国货;佣人adj. 国内的;家庭的;驯养的;一心只管家务的

psychologically adv. 心理上地;心理学地









美国大受欢迎的乡村音乐歌手之一的默尔•哈葛德因肺炎在生日当天过世,享年79。哈葛德的歌唱生涯持续了60年,在此之前他曾入狱。哈葛德名声斐然,他开创了似弦声的巴克斯菲尔德之声,风靡一时。他的热门歌曲包括 Mama triedBBC新闻。