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The American Secretary of State John Kerry says Russia and the US have set a target date in August for the warring parties in Syria to draw up a new draft constitution. After talks with President Putin in Moscow, Mr. Kerry said they had agreed to press the Syrian government and rebels to speed up talks on the political transition. However, he did not say whether Mr. Putin had admitted the President Assad should step down as part of that transition. “Russia will have to speak for itself as to what it's going to choose to do in order to help Mr. Assad make the right decisions. But we agree today on what we announced that we would accelerate the effort and try to move the political process forward.” From Kerry.

key point
constitution n. 宪法;体制;章程;构造;建立,组成;体格

transition n. 过渡;转变;[分子生物] 转换;变调