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Trading has begun for the first time at the Yangon Stock Exchange in Myanmar. Shares from just one company a conglomerate called FMI are available though only to Burmese investors. Jenna Fischer has this report. “The first share traded for 31,000 kyat. That's about 25 US dollars. Just one stock, but for that you get a tiny stake in a sprawling conglomerate that includes an airline, property, a bank, even hot air balloons. Whether the Yangon stock exchange becomes a sleepy vanity project or a vibrant source of capital remains to be seen. Very few Burmese companies meet the standards of transparency and expertise required to list. Most of the largest businesses here are run by well-connected individuals, many of whom are still subject to sanctions.”  Jenna Fischer. World news from the BBC.

key point
conglomerate n. [岩] 砾岩;企业集团;聚合物vi. 凝聚成团adj. 成团的;砾岩性的vt. 使聚结;凝聚成团

sprawling adj. 蔓生的,不规则地伸展的