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The trial is due to begin in Turkey today of two senior journalists from one of the country's oldest newspapers Cumhuriyet. Can Dundar the paper's editor-in-chief and its Ankara bureau chief Erdem Gul are accused of spying after publishing reports claiming that the Turkish government try to smuggle weapons to rebels in Syria. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan personally filed a criminal complaint against them. The two men denied the charges.

key point
trial n. 试验;审讯;努力;磨炼adj. 试验的;审讯的

accused n. 被告v. 指责;控告(accuse的过去式)

土耳其于今日审判两名来自土耳其历史最悠久的报社--《共和报》的记者。其总编卡恩.多达及安卡拉局长艾尔丹姆.古尔因发表土耳其政府试图向叙利亚叛军走  私武器的报道,而被指控从事间谍活动。总统雷杰普.塔伊普.埃尔多安以个人名义向他们刑事诉讼,但两人都否认这些指控。