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French police have spent the nights searching a block of flats in Paris following the arrest of a man accused of planning a terror attack in France. The interior minister said a plot that was at an advanced stage had been foiled by the arrest of the suspect in the suburb of Argenteuil. Hugh Schofield is in Paris. “Police sealed off the block of Argenteuil late in the evening and they have been searching it overnight. This morning, media reports say they found a small quantity of explosives. The man whose arrest led them to the place has not been named. This morning, it's been reported the man is known to the authorities having been convicted in his absence in another European country for helping recruit volunteers for so called Islamic state in Syria.”

key point
foiled adj. 有叶形装饰的v. 阻止(foil的过去式和过去分词)

convict n. 罪犯vt. 证明…有罪;宣告…有罪

explosives n. 爆炸物,[化工] 炸药;爆炸品(explosive的复数)