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Listening Comprehension (20 minutes)
  Part 1 Section A
  1 A) See a doctor
   B) Stay in bed for a few days.
  C) Get treatment in a better hospital.
   D) Make a phone call to the doctor.
  2 A) The 2:00 train will arrive earlier.
  B)The 2:30 train has a dining car.
  C) The woman prefers to take the 2:30 train.
  D) they are gong to have some fast food on the train.
  3 A) She has been longing to attend Harvard University.
  B)Shell consider the mans suggestion carefully.
  C)She has finished her project with Dr. Garcias help.
  D)Shell consult Dr. Garcia about entering graduate school.
  4 A)Alice didnt seem to be nervous during her speech.
  B)Alice needs more training in making public speeches.
  C)The man can hardly understand Alices presentation.
  D)The man didnt think highly of Alices presentation.
  5 A)Its worse than 30 years ago.
  B)It remains almost the same as before.
  C)There are more extremes in the weather.
  D)There has been a significant rise in temperature.
  6 A)At a publishing house.
   B)At a bookstore.
   C)In a reading room
   D)In Prof. Jordans office
  7 A)The man can stay in her brothers apartment.
  B)Her brother can help the man find a cheaper hotel.
  C) Her brother can find an apartment for the man.
  D)The man should have booked a less expensive hotel.
  8 A)Priority should be given to listening.
  B)Its most helpful to read English newspapers every day.
  C) Its more effective to combine listening with reading.
  D)Reading should come before listening.

  9 A)It can help solve complex problems.
   B)It will most likely prove ineffective
   C)It is a new weapon against terrorists.
  D)It will help detect all kinds of liars.
  10 A)Help the company recruit graduate students.
  B)Visit the electronics company next week.
  C)Get apart-time job on campus before graduation.
  D)Apply for a job in the electronics company #p#副标题#e#
  Section B
  Passage One
  Questions 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  11 A)It ha been proven to be the best pain-killer.
  B)It is a possible cure for heart disease.
  C)It can help lower high body temperature effectively.
  D)It reduces the chance of death for heart surgery patients.
  12 A)It keeps blood vessels from being blocked.
  B)It speeds up their recovery after surgery.
  C)It in creases the blood flow to the heart.
  D)It adjusts their blood pressure.
  13 A)It is harmful to heart surgery patients with stomach bleeding.
  B)It should not be taken by heart surgery patients before the operation.
  C)It will have considerable side effects if taken in large doses.
  D)It should not be given to patients immediately after the operation.
  Passage Two
  Questions 14 to 16 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  14 A)They strongly believe in family rules.
  B)They are very likely to succeed in life.
  C)They tend to take responsibility for themselves
  D)They are in the habit of obeying their parents.
  15 A)They grow up to be funny and charming.
  B)They often have a poor sense of direction.
  C)They get less attention from their parents.
  D)They tend to be smart and strong-willed.
  16 A)They usually dont follow family rules.
  B)They dont like to take chances in their lives.
  C)They are less likely to be successful in life.
  D)They tend to believe in their parents ideas.
  Passage Three
  Questions 17 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  17 A)They wanted to follow his example.
  B)They fully supported his undertaking.
C)They were puzzled by his decision.
  D)They were afraid he wasnt fully prepared.
  18 A)It is more exciting than space travel.
   B)It is much cheaper than space travel.
   C)It is much safer than space travel.
   D)It is less time-consuming than space travel.
  19 A)They both attract scientistsattention
   B)They can both be quite challenging
  C)They are both thought-provoking.
  D)They may both lead to surprising findings.
  20 A)To show how simple the mechanical aids for diving can be.
  B)To provide an excuse for his changeable character.
  C)To explore the philosophical issues of space travel.
  D)To explain why he took up underwater exploration.     #p#副标题#e#

6-10 BACBD
11-15 DAABC
16-20 ACBBD
Part I Listening Comprehension

Section A
1. W: Carol told us on the phone not to worry about her. Her left leg doesnt hurt as much as it did yesterday.
M: Shed better have it examined by a doctor anyway. And I will call her about it this evening.
Q: What does the man think Carol should do?
2. M: There is a non-stop train for Washington and it leaves at 2:30.
W: It is faster than the 2 oclock train. Besides, we can have something to eat before getting on the train.
Q: What do we learn from the conversation?
3. M: Hi, Melissa, how is your project going? Have you thought about going to graduate school?
W: Everything is coming along really well. I have been thinking about graduate school. But Ill talk to my tutor Doctor Garseer first and see what she thinks.
Q: What do you learn about the woman from the conversation?
4. W: Did you attend Alices presentation last night? It was the first time for her to give a speech to a large audience.
M: How she could be so calm in front of so many people is really beyond me!
Q: What do we learn from the conversation?
5. W: Youve been doing weather reports for neatly 30 years. Has the weather got any worse in all these years?
M: Well, not necessarily worse. But we are seeing more swings.
Q: What does the man say about the weather?
6. M: Excuse me, I am looking for the textbook by Professor Jordon for the Marketing course.
W: I am afraid its out of stock. Youll have to order it. And it will take the publisher 3 weeks to send it to us.
Q: Where did this conversation most probably take place?
7. M: I am going to New York next week, but the hotel I booked is really expensive.
W: Why book a hotel? My brother has 2 spare rooms in his apartment.
Q: What does the woman mean?
8. W: In my opinion, watching News on TV is a good way to learn English.
What do you think?
M: It would be better if you could check the same information in English newspapers afterwards.
Q: What does the man say about learning English?
9. M: I hear a newly-invented drug can make people tell the truth and it may prove useful in questioning terrorists. Isnt it incredible?
W: Simple solutions to complex problems rarely succeed. As far ad I know, no such drugs are ever known to work.
Q: What does the woman think of the new day?
10. M: You know the electronics company is coming to our campus to recruit graduate students next week.
W: Really? What day? I'd like to talk to them and hand in my resume.
Q: What does the woman want to do?   #p#副标题#e#

Passage one
A new study reports the common drug aspirin greatly reduces life threatening problems after an operation to replace blocked blood vessels to the heart more than 800,000 people around the world have this heart surgery each year. The doctors who carried out this study say giving aspirin to patients soon after the operation could save thousands of lives. People usually take aspirin to control pain and reduce high body temperature. Doctors also advise some people to take aspirin to help prevent heart attacks. About 10-15 percent of these heart operations end in death or damage to the heart or other organs. The new study shows that even a small amount of aspirin reduced such threats. The doctors said the chance of death for patients who tool aspirin would fall by 67%. They claimed this was true if the aspirin was given within 48 hours of the operation. The doctors believe aspirin helps heart surgery patients because it can prevent blood from thickening and blood vessels from being blocked. However, the doctors warned that people who have stomach bleeding or other bad reactions from aspirin should not take it after heart surgery.
Q11.What is the finding of the new study of aspirin?
Q12.In what way can aspirin help heart surgery patients according to the doctors?
Q13.What warning did the doctors give about the use of aspirin?

Section Two
Passage Two
Were you the first or the last child in you family? Or were you a middle or an only child? Some people think it matters where you were born in you family. But there are different ideas about what birth order means. Some people say that oldest children are smart and strong-willed. They are very likely to be successful. The reason for this simple parents have a lot of time for their first child, they give him or her a lot of attention. So this child is very likely to do well. An only child will succeed for the same reason. What happens to the other children in the family? Middle children dont get so much attention, so they dont feel that important. If a family has many children, the middle one sometimes gets lost in the crowd. The youngest child, though, often gets special treatment. He or she is the baby. Often this child grows up to be funny and charming. Do you believe this idea of birth order too? A recent study saw things quite differently. The study found that first children believed in family rules. They didnt take many chances in their lives. They usually followed orders. Rules didnt mean as much to later children in the family. They went out and followed their own ideas. They took chances and they often did better in life.
Q14 According to common belief, in what way are the first child and the only child alike?
Q15 What do people usually say about middle children?
Q16 what do we learn about later children in a family from a recent study of birth order?

Passage Three
When my interest shifted from space to the sea, I never expected it would cause such confusion among my friends, yet I can understand their feelings. As I have been writing and talking about space flight for the best part of 20 years, a sudden switch of interest to the depth of the sea doer seem peculiar. To explain, Id like to share my reasons behind this unusual change of mind. The first excuse I give is an economic one. Underwater exploration is so much cheaper than space flight. The first round-trip ticket to the moon is going to cost at least 10 billion dollars if you include research and development. By the end of this century, the cost will be down to a few million. On the other hand, the diving suit and a set of basic tools needed for skin-diving can be bought for 20 dollars. My second argument is more philosophical. The ocean, surprisingly enough, has many things in common with space. In their different ways, both sea and space are equally hostile. If we wish to survive in either for any length of time, we need to have mechanical aids. The diving suit helped the design of the space suit. The feeling and the emotions of a man beneath the sea will be much like those of a man beyond the atmosphere.
Q17 How did the speakers friends respond to his change of interest?
Q18 What is one of the reasons for the spears to switch his interest to underwater exploration?
Q19 In what way does the speaker think diving is similar to space travel?
Q20 What is the speakers purpose in giving this talk?