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Hello, this is David Austin with the BBC news.

Belgian police have arrested six people in Brussels as a major investigation continues into Tuesday's suicide attacks. The US Secretary of State John Kerry is due to travel to Brussels today to discuss security and express his condolences amid reports that the two brothers involved in the bombings were on a US terrorism watch list before the attacks. From Brussels, here is Anna Holligan. “The arrest in the Skarbeck district followed house to house searches. Residents said they heard explosions during the raids, but the cause was unclear. The FBI has refused to confirm whether Ibrahim El Bakraoui who carried out the attack at Zaventema airport and his brother Khalid responsible for the metro bombing were known to US authorities saying disclosure would impair the government's ability to investigate and counteract terrorism. John Kerry's visit comes at a time of consternation with many questioning Europe's competence on counter-terrorism.”

key point
raid n. 袭击;突袭;搜捕;抢劫vt. 袭击,突袭vi. 对…进行突然袭击

counteract vt. 抵消;中和;阻碍