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The United Nations has accused Morocco of escalating a diplomatic spat over the disputed territory of Western Sahara. Rabat has now told the UN to close its military liaison office in the region. The UN spokesman Farhan Haqsaid there was a risk of tensions resuming if the peace keeping mission left. “There is no reason not for this escalation, the mission has going about its work for more than a quarter of century, it's been there to ensure a degree of stability and even though the situation on the ground has not been the one that satisfactory to the Sahara people. As long as the mission has been there, there has been a lessening of tensions.”

key point
a diplomatic spat一场外交争端

liaison office 联络处

lessen  vt. 使…变小;使…减轻;使…变少vi. 减少;减轻;变小n. (Lessen)人名;(德、罗)莱森