BBC英语新闻:伊斯兰国恐怖组织阵线被击败后 兵力才会从叙利亚撤退

来源:普特英语听力 2019-02-02
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The leader of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has said his forces will remain in Syria until the Islamic State group al-Nusra Front have been defeated. Hezbollah fighters together with Iran played a key role in President Assad's campaign against Sunni rebels and the Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said he would continue to protect the Syrian government. He also accused Saudi Arabia and Turkey of blocking a political solution. The talks have restarted in Geneva where the Syrian government delegation insisted Mr. Assad's future is not up for discussion.

The medical authorities in Guinea say they have tried hundreds of people who may have come into contact with the Ebola virus after a fresh outbreak left four people dead in the southeast of the country. The spokesman said 816 people have been identified since Saturday.

key point
campaign n. 运动;活动;战役vi. 作战;参加竞选;参加活动

outbreak n. (战争的)爆发;(疾病的)发作vi. 爆发