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Police in Brazil have arrested the Vice President of Facebook Latin America saying the social media company has refused to cooperate in a drugs trafficking investigation. The authorities have been seeking information from the companys phone messaging service What's App. Julia Carneiro reports. “Diego Dzodan was detained at his home in Sao Paolo accused of violating a Brazilian law on organized crime by failing to hand over data from What's App. If he's convicted of preventing or hampering investigations involving criminal organizations, he could face between three and eight years in prison. In a statement, Facebook described the detention as extreme and disproportionate.” You're listening to the latest world news from the BBC.

key point
violating v. 违背,违反

detention n. 拘留;延迟;挽留

巴西警方逮捕了脸书拉丁美洲分部的副总裁,称该社交媒体公司在一毒品走私调查中拒绝合作。当局正试图从该公司的电话短讯服务what's app中获取信息。请听朱利娅`卡尼洛的报道。“迭戈·德周丹因被起诉破坏了巴西的一项法律而在其圣保罗的家中被捕,因为他未能提供what's app里的数据而构成犯罪。如果他阻止或妨碍关于犯罪组织调查的罪名成立,他将面临会三到八年的监禁。在一次声明中,脸书把这次拘留描述为极端和不合理的。”您正在收听的是最新的BBC世界新闻。