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Listening Comprehension (20 minutes)

Part 1

Section A

1 A) See a doctor  B) Stay in bed for a few days. C) Get treatment in a better hospitalD) Make a phone call to the doctor.
2 A) The 2:00 train will arrive earlier. B)The 2:30 train has a dining car. C) The woman prefers to take the 2:30 train. D) they are gong to have some fast food on the train.
3 A) She has been longing to attend Harvard University. B)Shell consider the mans suggestion carefully. C)She has finished her project with Dr. Garcias help. D)Shell consult Dr. Garcia about entering graduate school.
4 A)Alice didnt seem to be nervous during her speech. B)Alice needs more training in making public speeches. C)The man can hardly understand Alices presentation. D)The man didnt think highly of Alices presentation.
5 A)Its worse than 30 years ago. B)It remains almost the same as before. C)There are more extremes in the weather. D)There has been a significant rise in temperature.
6 A)At a publishing houseB)At a bookstoreC)In a reading room  D)In Prof. Jordans office
7 A)The man can stay in her brothers apartment. B)Her brother can help the man find a cheaper hotel. C) Her brother can find an apartment for the man. D)The man should have booked a less expensive hotel.
8 A)Priority should be given to listening. B)Its most helpful to read English newspapers every day. C) Its more effective to combine listening with reading. D)Reading should come before listening.
9 A)It can help solve complex problemsB)It will most likely prove ineffective  C)It is a new weapon against terrorists. D)It will help detect all kinds of liars.
10 A)Help the company recruit graduate students. B)Visit the electronics company next week. C)Get apart-time job on campus before graduation. D)Apply for a job in the electronics company

Section B

Passage One Questions 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just heard.

11 A)It ha been proven to be the best pain-killer. B)It is a possible cure for heart disease. C)It can help lower high body temperature effectively. D)It reduces the chance of death for heart surgery patients.
12 A)It keeps blood vessels from being blocked. B)It speeds up their recovery after surgery. C)It in creases the blood flow to the heart. D)It adjusts their blood pressure.
13 A)It is harmful to heart surgery patients with stomach bleeding. B)It should not be taken by heart surgery patients before the operation. C)It will have considerable side effects if taken in large doses. D)It should not be given to patients immediately after the operation.
Passage Two Questions 14 to 16 are based on the passage you have just heard. 14 A)They strongly believe in family rules. B)They are very likely to succeed in life. C)They tend to take responsibility for themselves D)They are in the habit of obeying their parents.
15 A)They grow up to be funny and charming. B)They often have a poor sense of direction. C)They get less attention from their parents. D)They tend to be smart and strong-willed.
16 A)They usually dont follow family rules. B)They dont like to take chances in their lives. C)They are less likely to be successful in life. D)They tend to believe in their parents ideas.
Passage Three Questions 17 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard. 17 A)They wanted to follow his example. B)They fully supported his undertaking. C)They were puzzled by his decision. D)They were afraid he wasnt fully prepared.
18 A)It is more exciting than space travelB)It is much cheaper than space travelC)It is much safer than space travelD)It is less time-consuming than space travel.
19 A)They both attract scientistsattention  B)They can both be quite challenging C)They are both thought-provoking. D)They may both lead to surprising findings.
20 A)To show how simple the mechanical aids for diving can be. B)To provide an excuse for his changeable character. C)To explore the philosophical issues of space travel. D)To explain why he took up underwater exploration.

Part II Reading comprehension (35 minutes)

Passage One

Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.

 Just five one-hundredths of an inch thick, light golden in color and with a perfectsaddle curl,” the Lays potato chip seems an unlikely weapon for global domination. But its maker. Frito-Lay. Thinks otherwise.” Potato chips are a snack food for the world,” said Salman Amin, the companys head of global marketing. Amin believes there is no corner of the world that can resist the charms of a Frito-Lay potato chipFrito-Lay is the biggest snack maker in America. owned by PepsiCo. And accounts for over half of the parent companys $3 billion annual profits. But the U.S. snack food market is largely saturated, and to grow. the company has to look overseasIts strategy rests on two beliefs: first a global product offers economies of scale with which local brands cannot compete. And second, consumers in the 21st century are drawn toglobalas a concept. ”Globaldoes not mean products that are consciously identified as American, but ones than consumes-especially young people-see as part of a modem, innovative(创新的)world in which people are linked across cultures by shared beliefs and tastes. Potato chips are an American invention, but most Chinese, for instance, do not know than Frito-Lay is an American company. Instead, Riskey, the companys research and development head, would hope they associate the brand with the new world of global communications and businessWith brand perception a crucial factor, Riskey ordered a redesign of the Frito-Lay logo(标识).The logo, along with the companys long-held marketing image of theirresistibilityof its chips. would help facilitate the companys global expansionThe executives acknowledge that they try to swing national eating habits to a food created in America, but they deny that amounts to economic imperialism. Rater, they see Frito-Lay as spreading the benefits of free enterprise across the world. “Were making products in those countries, were adapting them to the tastes of those countries, building businesses and employing people and changing lives,” said Steve Reinemund, PepsiCos chief executive.
21.It is the belief of Frito-Lays head of global marking that_____. A) Potato chips can hardly be used as a weapon to dominate the world market B) Their company must find new ways to promote domestic sales. C) The light golden color enhances the charm of their companys potato chips D) People the world over enjoy eating their companys potato chips
22.What do we learn about Frito-Lay from Paragraph 2? A) Its products use to be popular among overseas consumers. B) Its expansion has caused fierce competition in the snack marker. C) It gives half of its annual profits to its parent company. D) It needs to turn to the word market for development.
23.One of the assumptions on which Frito-Lay bases its development strategy is that_____. A)consumers worldwide today are attracted by global brands B)local brands cannot compete successfully with American brands C)products suiting Chinese consumersneeds bring more profits D)products identified as American will have promising market value
24.Why did Riskey have the Frito-Lay logo redesigned? A)To suit changing tastes of young consumers. B)To promote the companys strategy of globalization. C)To change the companys long-held marketing image. D)To compete with other American chip producers.
25.Frito-Lays executives claim that the promoting of American food in the international market_____. A)wont affect the eating habits of the local people B)will lead to economic imperialism C)will be in the interest of the local people D)wont spoil the taste of their chips

Passage Two

Question 26 to 30 are based on the following passage

In communities north of Denver, residents are pitching in to help teachers and administrators as the Vrain school District tries to solve a $13.8 million budget shortage blamed on mismanagement. ”Were worried about our teachers and principals, and we really dont want to lose them because of this,” one parent sail. “If we can help ease their financial burden, we will. ”  Teachers are grateful, but know it may be years before the district is solvent(有综合能力的). They feel really good about the parent support, but they realize its impossible for then to solve this problem. The 22,000-student district discovered the shortage last month. “Its extraordinary. Nobody would have imagined something happening like this at this level,” said State Treasurer Mike Coffman. Coffman and district officials last week agreed on a state emergency plan freeing yp a $9.8 million loan that enabled the payroll(工资单) to be met for 2,700 teachers and staff in time for the holidays. District officials also took $1.7 million from student-activity accounts its 38schools. At Coffmans request, the District Attorney has begun investigating the districts finances. Coffman says he wants to know whether district officials hid the budget shortage until after the November election., when voters approved a $212 million bond issue for schools. In Frederick, studentsparents are buying classroom supplies and offering to pay for groceries and utilities to keep first-year teachers and principals in their jobs. Some $36,000 has been raised in donations from Safeway. A Chevrolet dealership donated $10,000 and forgave the districts $10,750 bill for renting the driver educating cars. IBM contributed 4,500 packs of paper. “We employ thousands of people in this community,” said Mitch Carson, a hospital chief executive, who helped raise funds. “We have children in the school, and we see how they could be affected.” At Creek High School, three students started a website that displays newspaper articles, district information and an email forum(论坛)。 “Rumors about whats happening to the district are moving at lighting speed,” said a student. “We wanted to know the truth, and spread that around instead.” 26.What has happened to the Vrain School District? A)A huge financial problem has arisen. B)Many schools there are mismanaged. C)Lots of teachers in the district are planning to quit. D)Many administrative personnel have been laid off.
27.How did the residents in the Vrain School District respond to the budget shortage? A)They felt somewhat helpless about it. B) They accused those responsible for it. C) They pooled their efforts to help solve it. D) They demanded a through investigation.
28.In the view of State Treasurer Mike Coffman, the educational budget shortage is_________. A)unavoidable B)unthinkable C)insolvable D)irreversible
29.Why did Coffman request an investigation? A)To see if there was a deliberate cover-up of the problem.   B)To find out the extent of the consequences of the case. C)To make sure that the school principals were innocent. D)To stop the voters approving the $212 million bong issue.
30.Three high school students started a website in order to__________. A)attract greater public attention to their needs B)appeal to the public for contributions and donations C)expose officials who neglected their duties D)keep people properly informed of the crisis

Passage Three

 Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage.

Humans should not try to avoid stress any more than they would shun food, love or exercise.” Said Dr. Hans Selye, the first physician to document the effects of stress on the body. While heres on question that continuous stress is harmful, several studies suggest that challenging situations in which youre able to rise to the occasion can be good for you.. In a 2001 study of 158 hospital nurses, those who faced considerable work demands but coped with the challenge were more likely to say they were in good health than those who felt they stress that you can manage also boost immune(免疫的) function. In a study at the Academic Center for Dentistry in Amsterdam, researchers put volunteers through two stressful experiences. In the first, a timed task that required memorizing a list followed by a short test, subjects through a gory(血淋淋的) video on surgical procedures. Those who did well on the memory test had an increase in levels of immunoglobulin A, an antibody thats the bodys first line of defense against germs. The video-watchers experienced a downturn in the antibody. Stress prompts the body to produce certain stress hormones. In short bursts these hormones have a positive effect, including improved memory function. “They can help nerve cells handle information and put it into storage,” says Dr. Bruce McEwen of Rockefeller University in New York. But in the long run these hormones can have a harmful effect on the body and brain. “Sustained stress is not good for you,” says Richard Morimoto, a researcher at Northwestern University in Illinois studying the effects of stress on longevity ,”Its the occasional burst of stress or brief exposure to stress that could be protective.” 31. The passage is mainly about______  A) the benefits of manageable stress  B)stay away from  C)run out of  D)put up with 32. The wordshun”(Line 1,Para.1) most probably means________.  A)cut down on  B)stay away from  C)run out of  D)put up with 33.We can conclude from the study of the 158 nurses in 2001 that_______  A)people under stress tend to have a poor memory  B)people who cant get their job done experience more stress  C)doing challenging work may be good for ones health  D)stress will weaken the bodys defense against germs 34.In the experiment described in Paragraph 3,the video-watchers experienced a downturn in the antibody because______.  A) the video was not enjoyable at all  B) the outcome was beyond their control  C)they knew little about surgical procedures  D)they felt no pressure while watching the video 35.Dr. Bruce McEwen of Rockefeller University believes that______.  A)a persons memory is determined by the level of hormones in his body  B)stress hormones have lasting positive effects on the brain  C)short bursts of stress hormones enhance memory function  D)a persons memory improves with continued experience of stress.

Passage Four

Questions 36 to 40 are based on the following passage.

If you want to teach your children how to say sorry, you must be good at saying it yourself, especially to your own children. But how you say it can be quite trickyIf you say to your childrenIm sorry I got angry with you, but …” what follows thatbutcan render the apology ineffective: ” I had a bad dayoryour noise was giving me a headacheleaves the person who has been injured feeling that he should be apologizing for his bad behavior in expecting an apology.
Another method by which people appear to apologize without actually doing so is to sayIm sorry youre upset” ; this suggests that you are somehow at fault for allowing yourself to get upset by what the other person has doneThen there is the general, all covering apology, which avoids the necessity of identifying a specific act that was particularly hurtful or insulting, and which the person who is apologizing should promise never to do again. SayingIm useless as a parentdoes not commit a person to any specific improvementThese pseudo-apologies are used by people who believe saying sorry shows weakness, Parents who wish to teach their children to apologize should see it as a sign of strength, and therefore not resort to these pseudo-apologiesBut even when presented with examples of genuine contrition, children still need help to become a ware of the complexities of saying sorry. A three-year-old might need help in understanding that other children feel pain just as he does, and that hitting a playmate over the head with a heavy toy requires an apology. A six-year-old might need reminding that spoiling other childrens expectations can require an apology. A 12-year-old might need to be shown that raiding the biscuit tin without asking permission is acceptable, but that borrowing a parents clothes without permission is not. 36.If a mother addsbutto an apology,________.  A) she doesnt feel that she should have apologizedB) she does not realize that the child has been hurt  C) the child may find the apology easier to accept  D) the child may feel that he owes her an apology 37.According to the author, sayingIm sorry youre upsetmost probably means”_______”  A)You have good reason to get upset  B)Im aware youre upset ,but Im not to blame  C)I apologize for hurting your feelings  D)Im at fault for making you upset 38.It is not advisable to use the general, all-covering apology because______.  A)it gets one into the habit of making empty promises  B)it may make the other person feel guilty C)it is vague and ineffective D)it is hurtful and insulting 39.We learn from the last paragraph that in teaching children to say sorry______.  A)the complexities involved should be ignored  B)their ages should be taken into account  C)parents need to set them a good example  D)parents should be patient and tolerant 40.It can be inferred from the passage that apologizing properly is _________.  A)a social issue calling for immediate attention  B)not necessary among family members  C)a sign of social progress  D) not as simple as it seems

Part III Vocabulary (20minutes)

41. Some people believe that since oil is scarce, the ____of the motor industry is uncertain.
A)terminal B)benefit C)fate D)estimate
42.To speed up the ______of letters, the Post Office introduced automatic sorting.
A)treatment B)delivery C)transmission D)departure
43.These overseas students show great ______ for learning a new language.
A)enthusiasm B)authority C)convention D)faith
44.The defense lawyer was questioning the old man who was one of the ______of the murder committed last month.
A)observers B)witnesses C)audiences D)viewers
45.Politically these nations tend to be ______,with very high birth rates but poor education and very low levels of literacy.
A)unstable B)reluctant C)rational D)unsteady
46.The chairman was blamed for letting his secretary ________too much work last week.
A)take to B)take out C)take away D)take on
47."You try to get some sleep. Ill _____the patients breakfast, "said the nurse.
 A)see to B)stick to C)get to D)lead to
48.The London Marathon is a difficult race._______, thousands of runners participate every year.
A)Therefore B)Furthermore C)Accordingly D)Nevertheless
49.The bank refused to ______him any money, so he had to postpone buying a house.
A)credit B)borrow C)loan D)lease
50.The more a nations companies _______factories abroad, the smaller that countrys recorded exports will be.
A)lie B)spot C)stand D)locate
51.Being ignorant of the law is not accepted as an ______for breaking the law.
A)excuse B)intention C)option D)approval
52.Within two days, the army fired more than two hundred rockets and missiles at military _____in the coastal city.
A)goals B)aims C)targets D)destinations
53.It is said in some parts of the world, goats, rather than cows, serve as a vital _____of milk.
A)storage B) source C)reserve D)resource 54. “This light is too ______for me to read by. Dont we have a brighter bulb some where”; said the elderly man. A)mild B)dim C)minute D)slight
55.We have arranged to go to the cinema on Friday, but we can be _______and go another day.
A)reliable B)probable C)feasible D)flexible
56.We are quite sure that we can ______our present difficulties and finish the task according to schedule.
A)get across B)get over C)get away D)get off
57.______recent developments we do not think your scheme is practical. A) In view of B) In favor of C)In case of D)In memory of
58.Jessica was ______from the warehouse to the accounting office, which was considered a promotion. A)delivered B)exchanged C)transferred D)transformed
59.Mr.Smith asked his secretary to ______a new paragraph in the annual report she was typing. A)inject B)install C)invade D)insert
60.Theres the living room still to be _____,so thats my next project. A) abandoned B)decorated C)dissolved D)assessed
61.The old paper mill has been ______to make way for a new shopping centre.
A)held down B)kept down C)cut down D)turn down
62.It may be necessary to stop ______in the learning process and go back to the difficult points in the lessons.
A)at a distance B)at intervals C)at case D)at length
63.Yor can hire a bicycle in many places. Usually youll have to pay a _________.
A) deposit B) deal C)fare D)fond
64.My grandfather had always taken a _______interest in my work, and I had an equal admiration for the stories of his time.
A)splendid B)weighty C)vague D)keen
65.________quantities of water are being used nowadays with the rapid development of industry and agriculture. A) Excessive B)Extensive C) Extreme D)exclusive
66.John cannot afford to go to university, _______going abroad. A)nothing but B)anything but C)not to speak of D)nothing to speak of
67.Most laboratory and field studies of human behavior ______taking a situational photograph at a given time and in a given place.
A)involve B)compose C)enclose D)attach
68.If you dont like to swim, you _____as well stay at home.
A)should B)may C)can D)would
69.Dr.Smith was always ______the poor and the sick, often providing them with free medical care.
A)reminded of B)absorbed in C)tended by D)concerned about
70.Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on July 4,1826,the fiftieth_ ______of American Independence.
A)ceremony B)occasion C)occurrence D)anniversary

Part IV Cloze (15 minutes)

As a physician who travels quite a lot, I spend a lot of time on planes listening for that dreadedIs there a doctor on board?” announcement. Ive been 71 only once ? for a woman who had merely fainted. But the 72 made me quite curious about how 73 this kind of thing happens I wondered what I would do if 74 with a real midair medical emergency-with out access 75 a hospital staff and the usual emergency equipment. So 76 the New England Journal of Medicine last week 77 a study about in ?flight medical events. I read it 78 interestThe study estimated that there are a(n) 79 of 30 in-flight medical emergencies on U.S. flights every day. Most of them are not 80;fainting and dizziness are the most frequent complaints. 81 13% of them ?roughly four a day ? are serious enough to 82 a pilot to change course. The most common of the serious emergencies 83 heart trouble. strokes, and difficulty breathingLets face it: plane rides are 84.For starters, cabin pressures at high altitudes are set at roughly 85 they would be if you lived at 5,000 to 8,000 feet above sea level. Most people can tolerate these pressures pretty 86 ,but passengers with heart disease 87 experience chest pains as result of the reduced amount of oxygen flowing through their blood. 88 common in-flight problem is deep venous thrombosis ? the so-called economy class syndrome (综合症).89 happens, dont panic. Things are getting better on the in-flight-emergency front. Thanks to more recent legislation, flights with at 90 one attendant are starting to install emergency medical kits to treat heart attacks.
71 A)called B)addressed C)Informed D)surveyed 72 A)Accident B)condition C)incident D)disaster 73 A)soon B)long C)many D)often 74A)confronted B)treated C)identified D)provided 75A)for B)to C)by D)through 76A)before B)since C)when D)while 77A)collected B)conducted C)discovered D)published 78A)by B)of C)with D)in 79A)amount B)average C)sum D)number 80A)significant B)heavy C)common D)serious 81A)For B)On C)But D)So 82A)require B)inspire C)engage D)command 83A)include B)confine C)imply D)contain 84A)enjoyable B)stimulating C)tedious D)stressful 85 A)who B)what C)which D)that 86A)harshly B)reluctantly C)easily D)casually 87A)ought to B)may C)used to D)need 88A)Any B)One C)Other D)Another 89A)Whatever B)Whichever C)Whenever D)Wherever 90A)most B)worst C)least D)best

Part V Writing (30 minutes)

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Should the University Campus Be Open to Tourists? You should write at Least 120 words following the outline given below : 1.名校校园正成为旅游新热点 2.校园是否应对游客开放,人们看法不同 3.我认为…… Should the University Campus Be Open to Tourists?


1. A) See a doctor. 2. C) The woman prefers to take the 2:30 train. 3. D) Shell consult Dr.Garcia about entering graduate school. 4. A) Alice didnt seem to be nervous during her speech.. 5. C) There are more extremes in the weather. 6. B) At a bookstore. 7. A) The man can stay in her brothers apartment. 8. C) Its more effective to combine listening with reading. 9. B) It will most likely prove ineffective. 10. D) Apply for a job in the electronic company. 11. D) It reduces the chance of death for heart surgery patients. 12. A) It keeps blood vessels from being blocked. 13. A) It is harmful to heart surgery patients with stomach bleeding. 14. B) They are very likely to succeed in life. 15. C) They get less attention from their parents. 16. A)They usually dont follow family rules. 17. C)They were puzzled by his decision. 18. B) It is much cheaper than space travel. 19. B) They can both be quite challenging. 20. D) To explain why he took up underwater exploration.

21. D)People the world over enjoy eating their companys potato chips 22. D)It needs to turn to the word market for development. 23. A)consumers worldwide today are attracted by global brands 24. B)To promote the companys strategy of globalization. 25. C)will be in the interest of the local people 26. A)A huge financial problem has arisen. 27. C) They pooled their efforts to help solve it. 28. B)unthinkable 29. A)To see if there was a deliberate cover-up of the problem. 30. D)keep people properly informed of the crisis 31. D)put up with 32. B)stay away from 33. C)doing challenging work may be good for ones health 34. B) the outcome was beyond their control 35. C)short bursts of stress hormones enhance memory function 36. D) the child may feel that he owes her an apology 37. B)Im aware youre upset ,but Im not to blame 38. C)it is vague and ineffective 39. B)their ages should be taken into account 40. D) not as simple as it seems

41. C) fate 42. B) delivery 43. A) enthusiasm 44. B) witnesses 45. A) unstable 46. D) take on 47. A) see to 48. D) Nevertheless 49. C) loan 50. D) locate 51. A) excuse 52. C) targets 53. B) source 54. B)dim 55. D) flexible 56. B)get over 57. A) In view of 58. C) transferred 59. D) insert 60. B) decorated 61. D)turn down 62. B)at intervals 63. A) deposit 64. D) keen 65. A) Excessive 66. C)not to speak of 67. A) involve 68. B) may 69. D)concerned about 70. D) anniversary Part IV Close (15 minutes) 71. A) called  72. A) Accident 73. D)often 74. A) confronted 75. B) to 76. C) when 77. D)published 78. C)with 79. B)average 80. D)serious 81. C) but 82. D)command 83. A) include 84. D) stressful 85. A) who 86. C)easily 87. C) used to 88. B)one 89. C)Whenever 90. C) least

Should the University Campus Be Open to tourism?
 Nowadays, many famous university campuses have become one of the popular tourist attraction. It has been shown on TV and on the radio that every year thousands and thousands of middle school students visit Tsing Hua University and Peking University and other famous universities in China. In the place far away from the capital city, the local students also visit the universities famous in their own province.
 So far as the present situation is concerned, is it a good or bad thing to open the university campus for tourists? Different people have different opinions. On one hand, some people argued that it is a good thing for the students to visit the famous university campus in that it can enable the middle students to get more information about the university and they can have enough time and opportunity to prepare themselves with the chance to get into the university. On the other hand, some people hold a negative view about this phenomenon. In their opinion, the public tourism will have negative effect on the universities because it will not only do harm to the environment but also to the intellectual atmosphere.
 In my opinion, the tourism to the universities is not a good thing. The campus is mainly a place for study . With the increasing tourism on the campus, it will ruin the spiritual atmosphere in this learning field.