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Two people have tested positive for Ebola in Guinea almost three months after the outbreak in the country was declared over. The new cases were reported hours after the World Health Organization declared the latest Ebola flare-out to be over in neighboring Sierra Leone. Tulip Mazumdar reports. “The two patients are being cared for at a treatment center in the south of the country close to where the worst Ebola outbreak in history was first identified two years ago. It's understood three members of their family had recently died after showing symptoms of Ebola. The government says their village is now on lockdown and vaccines have been taken to the area to try and protect those at risk. The World Health Organization has warned sporadic cases of Ebola are likely to reemerge as the virus can linger on in body fluids of some survivors.”

key point
flare n. 闪光,闪耀;耀斑;爆发;照明弹vi. 闪耀,闪光;燃烧;突然发怒vt. 使闪耀;使张开;用发光信号发出;使外倾

symptom n. [临床] 症状;征兆