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Pakistan's former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has left the country for medical treatment in Dubai after the government lifted a travel ban imposed on him in 2013. Mr. Musharraf faces trial on several charges including treason for imposing emergency rule in 2007. He stepped down a year later following riots by the opposition to his rule. World news from the BBC.

The lower house of congress in Chili has approved proposal that lifts a ban on abortion in cases of rape or where there is a serious health risk to the mother or when the fetus is no longer considered viable. The draft which was submitted by the government of Michelle Bachelet needs to be approved by the senate if it is to become law.

key point
abortion n. 流产,小产;流产的胎儿;(计划等)失败,夭折

submit vi. 提交;服从vt. 使服从;主张;呈递