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Police in Brazil have fired teargas and stun grenades to keep protesters away from the headquarters of President Dilma Rousseff. Thousands of people demanding her regeneration rallied in the capital Brasília. Theyve accused President Rousseff and her Worker's Party of corruption. Julia Carneiro was at the demonstration. “For the second night in a row, around 5000 people are gathered here outside the parliament building. There are very noisy crowd. They're jumping up and down, chanting, honking horns. They brought firecrackers and a massive inflatable doll that depicts former president Lula as a prisoner. Earlier here in the lower house, the first step to decide on the impeachment proceedings President Dilma Rousseff is facing was taken. This is another major development in what feels like a big political intrigue here in Brazil.”

key point
rally vi. 团结;重整;恢复;(网球等)连续对打vt. 团结;集合;恢复健康、力量等n. 集会;回复;公路赛车会

depict vt. 描述;描画