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European Union leaders are due to meet the Turkish Prime Minster Ahmet Davutoglu in Brussels at a few hours' time to discuss proposals aimed at easing the refugee crisis. Under the proposed plan, migrants arriving in Greece from Turkey will be sent back in exchange for financial aid and visa free access to Europe for Turks. The German Chancellor Angle Merkel spoke after the meeting of European leaders in Brussels. “Turkey's offer to end uncontrolled migration by accepting refugees who were sent back from the Greek islands is of course a good opportunity to put the people traffickers out of business. However, this must of course be done on a very clear legal basis. We have agreed to assure that every migrant living on the islands will have an individual hearing.”

key point
due: ADJ 形容词;到期的;预期的;预定到达的 If something is due at a particular time, it is expected to happen, be done, or arrive at that time.

The results are due at the end of the month...预计月底会有结果。
The first price increases are due to come into force in July...第一批提价预计将在7月开始执行。