BBC英语新闻: 朝鲜领导人要求导弹测试中加强核弹头的使用

来源:普特英语听力 2019-03-21
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BBC news with Iain Purdon.

North Korea has fired two ballistic missiles into the sea off its eastern coast days after the country's leader Kim Jung-un ordered more nuclear warhead on missile tests. The United States has responded with a call to Pyongyang to refrain from raising tensions in the region. Steve Evans reports from Seoul. “The past two months has seen escalating actions and reactions following North Koreas testing of a nuclear device on January 6. The United Nations imposed tougher sanctions on the defiant regime in Pyongyang. It in turn has launched missiles culminating in the latest launch. It's hard to see whether series of tit for tat acts ends. North Korea has threatened another nuclear test.”