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The car manufacturer Volkswagen says its top executive in the US Michael Hornis stepping down with immediate effect. No reason was given for his departure which comes 6 months after the emission scandal broke. Here is Michelle Fleury. “Michael Horn, the head of VW's operations in the United States, is leaving after more than two decades with the company. In a statement, the German carmaker said Mr. Horn was leaving to pursue other opportunities effective immediately. No doubt there would be speculation as to why he is leaving now. From the early days, Mr. Horn was instrumentally dealing with the company's response to its emission scandal. He was the one sent to apologize to US law makers last October telling them this company has the bloody learn.”

key point

immediately conj. 一…就 adv. 立即,立刻;直接地

instrumentally adv. 仪器地;有助益地;用乐器演奏地