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The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has arrived in Washington to start the first state visit to the White House by a Canadian leader in nearly 20years. Babara Plett Usher is in Washington. “Justin Trudeau had pledged during the election campaign to reset relations with Canada's most important ally. They have been strained under the previous Conservative government. And within weeks of his victory, President Obama issued an invitation. He sees in the young leader someone who shares his politics and priorities especially on issues like the environment. The two are expected to discuss ideas for curbing climate change, also ways to expand whats the world's largest trade relationship and especially Canada's steps toward ratifying a trade agreement signed by 12 Pacific Rim countries last month.”

Prosecutors in Brazil are filing charges against the former president LuizInacio Lula da Silva for money laundering and failing to declare his assets. He denies any wrongdoing and says the charges are politically motivated. The accusation is a part of major corruption investigation at the state oil company Petrobras. World news from the BBC.

key point
conservative   adj. 保守的n. 保守派,守旧者

investigation n. 调查;调查研究