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PART III CLOZE [15 MIN] Decide which of the choices given below would best complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the best choice for each blank on ANSWER SHEET TWO.
The Victorians had become addicted to speed and they wanted to go ever faster. Time was money and efficiency became
(31)____ important. Although divisions of labour had been (32)____ by Adam Smith and illustrated by a pin factory in The
Wealth of Nations in 1776, (33)____ could now become fully realised. This specialization of labour was in (34)____ contrast
to the rural means of production, in (35)____ the family was the means of production, consumption and socialization. (36)____
greater speed came a greater need for industries and businesses to make more and make it quicker. Steam made this (37)____
and changed working life forever (38)____ were the days when work was (39)____ by natural forces: steam engines were
servant (40)____ neither season nor sunshine. Factories had foremen and life became correspondingly more (41)____. The
clocking-on machine was (42)____ in 1885 and time and motion studies to increase efficiency would be introduced only
(43)____ twenty years later. (44)____ it was not all bad news. Agricultural incomes depended on variable harvests and weather.
Factories provided (45)____ and predictable income, but long hours.
Working life was becoming increasingly regulated, and the working (46)____ was reorganised to promote ever-greater
efficiency. The old (47)____ St. Monday - when no work was done - was (48)____, work stopped around midday on Saturday
and did not resume (49)____ Monday morning. A new division betweenworkandleisureemerged, and this new block of
weekend leisure time coincided with the development of spectator sports like cricket and football, and the (50)____ of music
hall entertainment for the new working classes.
31. A. increasingly B. surprisingly C. slowly D. obviously
32. A. contributed B. informed C. spread D. conceived
33. A. he B. it C. these D. those
34. A. clear B. marked C. apparent D. firm
35. A. that B. what C. where D. which 36. A. Upon
 B. Over C. With D. For
37. A. possible B. practical C. worthwhile D. useful
38. A. Passed B. Lost C. Gone D. Missed
39. A. defined B. controlled C. limited D. dictated
40. A. over B. on C. by D. to
41. A. standard B. controlled C. difficult D. dreadful
42. A. designed B. created C. invented D. bought
43. A. some B. certain C. these D. those
44. A. For B. But C. Consequently D. Accordingly
45. A. safe B. good C. continuous D. secure
46. A. week B. period C. pattern D. practice
47. A. culture B. behaviour C. custom D. habit
48. A. repair B. compensate C. mend D. moderate
49. A. before B. until C. on D. after
50. A. raise B. increase C. trend D. present
There are thirty sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words, phrases or statements marked A, B, C
and D. Choose one word, phrase or statement that best completes the sentence. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET TWO.
51. It is essential that he ________ all the facts first.
A. is examining B. will examine C. examines D. examine
52. Which of the following sentences expresses a future action?
A. Lucy is continually finding fault with her sister. B. We are meeting the visitors after the performance.
C. The coach is now crossing the Garden Bridge. D. Im hoping that youll give us some advice.
53. Which of the following italicized parts is used as an object complement?
A. The front door remained locked. B. The boy looked disappointed.
C. Nancy appeared worried. D. He seemed to have no money left.
54. Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT?
A. Physics is an important school subject. B. The Niagara Falls is in North America.
C. The United States borders Canada. D. Mumps is a kind of infectious disease.
55. Which of the following sentences indicates POSSIBILITY?
A. The moon cannot always be at the full. B. You cannot smoke inside the building.
C. He cannot come today. D. She cannot play the piano.
56. The boys in the family are old enough for ________.
A. schools B. school C. the school D. the schools
57. Which of the following italicized parts indicates a predicate-object relationship?
A. He was reading Marys letter in the room. B. You can buy mens shoes in this shop.
C. Mrs. Blacks passport was lost. D. The enemys defeat brought the war to an end.
58. Please pardon ________ you.
A. my disturbing B. disturbing me C. to disturb D. that I disturb
59. Which of the following tag questions is INCORRECT?
A. Carry this parcel for me, will you? B. Nobody wants to go there, does he?
C. Few people know him, dont they? D. Everything is ready, isnt it?
60. Which of the following reflexive pronouns(反身代词)is used as an object?
A. I spoke to the president himself. B. Frank is not quite himself today.
C. Linda herself will play the violin. D. You must pull yourself together.
61. The research team can handle ________ needs to be handled.
A. whenever B. whichever C. wherever D. whatever
62. Which of the following italicized parts modifies an adverb?
A. I rather like my teacher. B. That was a very funny film. C. Do it right now. D. We walked about
6 miles.
63. When the sentenceThey had made a mess of the houseis turned into passive voice, which of the following is
A. A mess had been made in the house. B. A mess had been made by them.
C. The house had been made a mess of. D. The house had been made a mess.
64. Fool ________ Michael is, he could not have done such a thing.
A. as B. who C. that D. like
65. When the sentenceShall I drive you to the airport first?” is turned into indirect speech, which of the following is
most appropriate?
A. He agreed to drive me to the airport first. B. He offered to drive me to the airport first.
C. He advised me to go to the airport first. D. He suggested that I drive to the airport first.
66. The interviewers were impressed by the high calibre of the applicants for the job. The underlined part means
A. criterion B. quality C. qualification D. level
67. Her career has ________ a number of activitiescomposing, playing and acting.
A. held B. produced C. embraced D. combined
68. The operation could ________ her life by two or three years.
A. prolong B. increase C. expand D. continue
69. All her cousins and their children have fair hair. The underlined part means ________.
A. fine B. dark C. thick D. light
70. John always feels sluggish first thing in the morning. The underlined part means ________.
A. sick B. inactive C. dizzy D. drowsy
71. The family of the victim had to endure a long wait before the case cane to trial. The underlined part means ________.
A. tolerate B. keep C. face D. hold
72. The chief of surgery became committee chairman by virtue of ________.
A. seniority B. service C. age D. rank
73. He turned his back on them when they most needed him. The underlined part means ________.
A. criticized B. ignored C. betrayed D. deceived
74. Our school did not ________ for Christmas until mid-December.
A. break out B. break down C. break up D. break in
75. The flags in the stadium ________ in the wind.
A. flapped B. moved C. shook D. stirred
76. His mother retired early on account of poor health. The underlined part means ________.
A. despite B. with C. according to D. because of
77. The whole country was in ________ over the result of the elections.
A. suspension B. suspense C. suspending D. suspender
78. There is no conceivable reason why there should be any difficulty during the project. The underlined part can be
replaced by all the following EXCEPT ________.
A. thinkable B. imaginable C. possible D. observable
79. The employers prepared, with all due ________ for a conference with the Trade Unions.
A. caution B. concern C. certainty D. consideration
80. Our experiment was conducted under optimal conditions. The underlined part means ________.
A. perfect B. proper C. possible D. proposed


61-65. DCCAB 66-70. BDADB 71-75. AABCA 76-80. DBDDA