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Republican presidential hopefuls in the United States face a key contest shortly in Nevada. The frontrunner Donald Trump is seeking to extend his lead over his four remaining rivals. Nevada with its substantial Hispanic population has taken an extra significance in a contest marked by anti-immigration rhetoric.

The UN has warned the closure of borders to migrants trying to reach northern Europe has caused chaos and confusion leaving thousands stranded in Greece. In recent days, Slovenia, Macedonia and Austria have all imposed restrictions. Speaking on a visit to the Greek island of Lesbos, the Head of the UN Refugee Agency Filippo Grandi urged countries to let migrants pass through. “Really, I find that to close the border to manage them very tightly, let's put it that way, in the absence of legal alternatives of safe alternatives for refugees will increase chaos, and most likely, will increase irregular movements that put people at risk and create disorder in the countries that receive migrants and refugees.”
Key Points

1.frontrunner n.领跑者

2.rhetoric n.修辞学,花言巧语