BBC英语新闻:2016-02-18 奥巴马否决参议院共和党议员提议

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I am Stewart Macintosh with the BBC news.

Hello. President Obama has rejected calls by Republican members of the Senate to leave their nomination of a new Supreme Court judge to his successor. Mr. Obama said he would name a candidate to replace Justice Antonin Scalia who died on Saturday and the Senate would either approve the nomination or reject it. The President called on his political opponents in Washington to overcome the hostility that prevented basic work from getting done. “The fact that, it's that hard that we are even discussing this is, I think, a measure of how unfortunately the parliament rancor in Washington has prevented us from getting basic work done. And this would be a good moment for us to rise above that.”
The United States and Cuba have signed a deal restoring commercial flights for the first time in more than 50 years. The agreement comes as the White House is contemplating a possible presidential trip to Cuba. Will Grant is in Havana. “There can be little done that the pace of the thaw between the United States and Cuba is quickening in president Obama's last year in office. And this signing of a memorandum of understanding on commercial flights between the old enemies is a good example of that new impetus. Up to 110 daily flights from the US to Cuba can begin under the new plan, twenty a day to the capital Havana and 10 to each of the other international airports on the island. This arrangement signifies more than just a new beginning for our civil aviation relationship, said the US transports secretary Antony Fox after signing the deal. It represents a critically important milestone in the United States' continued efforts to engage with Cuba and normalize our relations.”
The United Nations says the Syrian government has a duty to allow humanitarian aid to all areas under siege. Syria has approved aid deliveries to seven besieged areas, but the UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura said the UN had to have access to all Syrians in need. Our diplomatic correspondent James Robins reports. “This is an increasingly tense week after key world powers including Russia agreed to work towards a partial ceasefire in Syria. But neither the Syrian government nor opposition forces were involved and the UN envoy Staffande Mistura is meeting Syria's foreign minister in Damascus trying to persuade his government to stop fighting and allow unhindered humanitarian access to all besieged areas. There are signs that aid will be allowed into some besieged areas over the next few days, but it is hard to see an end to the fighting.
The United Nations says it's investigating new allegations that its peacekeepers sexually abuse children in the Central African Republic. The UN spokesman said four children were reportedly abused by peacekeepers from the Democratic Republic of Congo between 2014 and 2015. For more than a decade, UN peacekeeping missions in Africa have been tarnished by such scandals. This is the world news from the BBC.
Former French president Nicola Sarkozy has been placed under formal investigation for alleged campaign funding irregularities. The former head of state was questioned by examining magistrates in Paris about excess spending. It is an unsuccessful bid for reelection in 2012. His campaign costs were more than twice the legal limit. Mr. Sarkozy has repeatedly denied knowledge over the overspending
Ukraine's embattled Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk survived a parliamentary no confidence vote in his government only hours after the President asked him to stand down. Despite criticizing the government's record, only 194 MPs voted in support of the no confidence motion, which were short of the 226 votes required for its approval.
The authorities in Austria say they planned to introduce daily quotas for the numbers of migrants and refugees who would be allowed to enter the country from neighboring Slovenia. Austria will also increase controls at its other borders. The interior minister says the quotas were necessary to insure order and security in Austria. Police in Croatia are reported to have sent more officers to reinforce the Croatian border with Serbia
On the fourth day of his visit to Mexico, Pope Francis has urged a stadium packed with members of the clergy not to give up in the face of violence, drug trafficking and corruption. He's visiting Morelia, the state capital of Michoacán, one of the parts of the country worst affected by drug related violence. Kitty Watson reports. “In a stadium, the Pope spoke to tens of thousands of nuns and clergy urging them not to be resigned to evils like drug trafficking. He said they needed to be out helping those who are suffering not stuck in their churches. In a past decade, more than 100,000 people have been killed or gone missing in Mexico's drug war. Michoacan is no stranger to that violence. In recent years, Vigilante groups have taken up arms against the drug gangs.” BBC news.
Key Points

1.contemplating v.注视,凝视,盘算,计议

2.thaw n. 融雪,温暖气候, 放松,解冻

3.impetus n.动力, 势头, 促进, 声势

4.aviation n. 航空,飞行术,航空学

5.humanitarian adj/n.人道主义的, 博爱的,慈善的

6.siege n.围攻,围困,围城

7.besieged v.包围,为敌对势力包围, 拥挤在周围

8.unhindered adj.顺畅,不受妨碍的,不受阻碍的

9.irregularities n.不规则, 不平整, 不整齐,不规则的事物

10.magistrates n.地方法官,治安官

11.embattle v.布阵, 列阵, 严阵以待, 整军备战 

12.clergy n.(尤指基督教堂内的) 牧师,教士

13.drug trafficking 贩毒, 毒品走私


美国和古巴签署了恢复商业航班的协议,这是50年来两国首次达成共识。这个协议达成的同时,美国总统正有访问古巴的计划。 威尔•格兰特在哈瓦那为您报道。“总统奥巴马在任最后一年里可以为加速恢复美国和古巴外交关系所做的事情并不多。此次两国在商业航班上达成的一致协定则是促进两国关系的好举措。新方案下,从美国飞往古巴的航班可以达到每天110架次,其中飞往首都哈瓦那的有20架次,飞往古巴其他各个国际机场的各有10架次。美国交通部长安东尼•福克斯签署协议后表示,此次调整不仅仅标志着两国民用航空关系的新开端,其在美国为与古巴建立友好关系并使两国关系正常化上所作的持续努力中具有里程碑意义的影响。”