BBC英语新闻:2016-02-02 国际网球组织调查“打假球”事件

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Hello, I'm Zoe Diamond with the BBC News. The world's tennis authorities have announced an independent review into the effectiveness of their anti-corruption practices, after allegations that evidence of possible match-fixing was not followed up. The claims were made in an investigation by the BBC and the website, Buzzfeed, which raised suspicions about 16 players. The review was announced at the Australian Open by Philip Brook, Chairman of the Tennis Integrity Unit.“It is vital that we repair this damage and we do so quickly, which is why today we are announcing an independent review that will examine all aspects of tennis's anti-corruption programme, including the Tennis Integrity Unit work, and which will make recommendations for change.”

The leader of an armed group that has been occupying a wildlife refuge in Oregon has been arrested by the U.S. federal authorities. The militia leader, Ammon Bundy, was detained along with four others, after a confrontation with law enforcement officials, in which one suspect was killed. Peter Bowes has the details.“According to the FBI and the Oregon State Police, shots were fired during an operation to bring the group into custody. One person, who was a subject of an arrest warrant, died. And another suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to hospital. The arrest took place during a traffic stop not far from the wildlife refuge. A further two men were held in a separate location. The authorities say the defendants face a federal charge of conspiracy to impede officers of the United States.”
The technology giant, Apple, has reported lower-than-expected sales of iPhones in the last quarter, due in part to the economic slowdown in China. It sold almost 75 million of the devices, the slowest rate of sales growth since the iPhone was launched nine years ago Even though Apple's profits rose to more than 18 billion dollars, BBC's North America technology correspondent, David Lee, said the sales figures were concerning.“These quarterly results are still record-breaking, still the biggest profit ever recorded. But that crucial thing, in fact, the iPhone, for the first time since it was launched back in 2007, is now looking, well, is now in decline. And so that is being seen as a big problem for investors, because the iPhone is really oppressing the money for Apple, more than 60% of Apple's entire revenues from that smartphones.”
The Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, is visiting France later today on the second stage of his European tour. He's expected to secure valuable trade deals, following the lifting of international sanctions over Iran's nuclear programme. The biggest is likely to be an order for more than 100 Airbus passenger planes. His meeting with President Hollande on Thursday is reported to have been delayed until after lunch, after Iranian diplomats requested that no wine be served.World news from the BBC.
President Obama has called for the rapid development of tests, vaccines and treatments against the zika virus, which is transmitted by mosquitoes and is thought to cause birth defects. Mr. Obama was briefed on the advances of the virus, which could potentially spread to the United States in the warmer months.
The U.S. network, Fox News, has hit back at the presidential contender, Donald Trump, in a deepening row over his refusal to take part in a televised debate with his Republican rivals. Fox News accused Mr. Trump of viciously attacking debate moderator, Megyn Kelly, and said his campaign manager had subjected her to threats and what it called, terrorisations. Mr. Trump had demanded Ms. Kelly be replaced, saying that she was biased against him after they clashed during a debate last August.
Israel is to make public previously-unreleased documents relating to the executed Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann. The papers include a plea for clemency, in which it argues that his role in organising the mass extermination of Jews was exaggerated. The documents will be presented at a ceremony to mark International Holocaust Memorial Day. Olivia Marks-Woldman is from the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.“The Holocaust has been described as it is an event that shook the foundations of civilisation. I think that is a very powerful phrase. The fact that it happened threatened who we are as civilised human beings living together in a society. So in an obvious itself, it is worthy of remembrance that six million Jewish people were annihilated.”
Emperor Akihito of Japan has began a trip to the Philippines with a statement on war guilt, saying that his nation must remember the tremendous loss of life suffered by the Philippines during the Second World War. The Emperor is due to visit a cemetery for tens of thousands of Philippinos. World news from the BBC.
Key Points
anti-corruption n. 反腐败
allegation n.指控, 陈述,主张
detain v.耽搁, 留住,阻住, 拘留
non-life-threatening 无生命威胁的
record-breaking adj.破纪录的
oppressing  v.使烦恼( oppress的现在分词 ) 压迫,压制
sanctions n.约束力,制裁,处罚
diplomat n.外交官
vaccines n.疫苗,痘苗( vaccine的名词复数 )
birth defects 先天畸型, 先天性缺陷
viciously adv.邪恶地,敌意地
moderator n.(讨论、会议等的)主持人,(新教的) 宗教领袖
terrorisation n.实行恐怖统治
relating to 与...有关
clemency n.宽容,仁慈,(尤指气候等) 温和
extermination n.消灭,根绝
remembrance n.纪念品, 回想,回忆
annihilated v.(彻底) 消灭( annihilate的过去式和过去分词 ),使无效,废止, 彻底击溃